Beth makes me laugh so much

We’ve not had much to report these last few days. Beth’s been good lately, she’s happy to go to school, loving going to JRock practice andhas been (touch wood) well which at this time of the year is a miracle. She’s had chronic asthma since she was very young, being hospitalised several times before being prescribed Singulair which is a preventative tablet. It’s worked a treat, she’s still had asthma pretty badly but hasn’t had to go back to hospital in about 3 years. Mind you she loved going to hospital. She loves being sick. She’s like one of those ladies from the olden days with her hand up at her forehead, asking for the smelling salts! Often when she gets sick she asks to go to the hospital. She does seem to be growing out of the asthma now as she doesn’t get it half as much as she used to. Thank goodness for that, I’ve always thought it’s not fair, her having asthma. Surely we’ve ticked a big box already having autism, she shouldn’t have any other issues!

Beth went back for her second filling on Saturday. Paul took her and we all met back at Bev and John’s for lunch. I assumed that Beth wouldn’t want any lunch to start with as the week before she couldn’t eat because her mouth was all numb from her first filling. But no, they had done it without the anasthetic this time. Beth had played up with having the needle in the mouth again and the dentist mustn’t have thought the filling would be painful, otherwise I’m sure she’s never had suggested it. What a brave girl, I need to be numbed just for a clean! I do worry however about future work that will be painful for Beth. Hopefully she will have forgotten by then.

I’ll leave you with one of Beth’s funnies. My God she makes me laugh, even when she’s being naughty. I noticed that two out of three of our very expensive bananas were missing. Beth has the habit of eating and eating fruit if it’s in eyeshot. I asked her if she’d eaten the bananas. She looked me in the eye and says “Yes Mum, I ate B1 and B2!” (For those not in Australia, we have a tv show here called Bananas in Pyjamas. The characters are called B1 and B2.) She’s just so quick with her comebacks!

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