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We had Sensational Kids yesterday. Beth took her first zoloft tablet in the morning which at the time seemed fine. We dropped the other kids off at school then headed off to Ormond. I went to get a coffee and Rod said that Beth had told him that her head was feeling a bit funny. She asked if they could go in to the big gym. While in there she climbed into a big hammock that is hanging but with it’s ends together so that it is like an enclosed swing. Beth loves it in there and Rod swung her or spun her when asked. All of a sudden Beth dry retched and we grabbed a bin so that she could be sick. Rod said it might have been the combination of the new medicine and the swinging. They continued on with playing a few games such as basketball but Beth’s heart just wasn’t in it. When it came time for Occupational Therapy Beth said she just wanted to go home so we decided to do just that.

On the way home Beth reminded me that I had promised to let her choose a dvd if she behaved herself at Emerson the day before. I had some of those sick bags that you get at the hospital in the car so I took one in with us just in case. She chose a Bambi 2 dvd and a top to wear to a family event on Sunday. Obviously whatever had been wrong with her had gone as she was fine for the rest of the day.

When we got to school this morning I spoke with Beth’s principal, teacher and aide and told them what had happened with Beth being sick. I just wanted them to be aware that it had happened at 10pm and that I had given her the tablet at our usual breakfast time. Hopefully it didn’t happen again today.

I had spoken to our principal on the phone to tell her about how well we had gone at Emerson on Tuesday. When I went to say goodbye to Beth this morning I found her sitting on the friendship chair in the sun with the principal holding hands. They were chatting about what Beth had done at Emerson and as I had the work that she had done I showed it. They talked about the moon and other work Beth had done and our principal kept telling Beth how very proud she is of her, it was just so lovely. I went out for coffee with friends this morning and when I got home there was a message from our principal. She had told me that she had called Emerson and too was told that it had been a positive experience. I was a bit worried that it might be a different story but no, they were happy with how it had gone and were pleased that Beth found it such an enjoyable day. Of course we all couldn’t be more pleased with how it has gone so far.

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