WE GOT IN!!!!!!!

I’m feeling very excited and very relieved right now. Beth got in to Emerson!

We started the day well, I dropped the other kids off to my friend Bree’s house, picked my friend Liz up to go to the Dandenong Market and set off for Beth’s second trial date at Emerson. I said to Liz on the way that I didn’t want to get my hopes up, surely it couldn’t go as well as last week had. Liz commented at how well Beth went in with barely a goodbye. I said that yes, it was great that she felt at ease there, it also showed however how trusting she is and how dangerous it would be at mainstream high school.

This afternoon I went to our primary school to pick up our principal and Beth’s aide who were coming with me for a tour and to pick Beth up. We had a good look around the school and were introduced to the vice principals. The lady showing us around – I’ll call her Clare – was talking about consequences for bad behaviour and was talking about suspensions and she commented that Beth wouldn’t be suspended as she wasn’t that type of kid. I was pleased that she was talking as if Beth was in with a chance. We discussed the work experience areas and spoke with the teacher in the mechanic workshop. I love the school so much and was pleased that our principal and aide seemed to be impressed. Clare told me that Beth held her own today, standing up for herself again and making a new friend.

When it was time to leave I asked where we would be going from there. Clare started to say “We’d like to ask you back…” and I thought that she was going to say next week but she said ‘next year!” I couldn’t believe it! Clare said that Beth has fitted in so well that they didn’t need any more trial days, she seemed very at ease. She asked me if I wanted to take my time and get back to them. I of course said that no, I’d say yes then and there thankyou very much!

Beth came out and seemed so happy to be there, showing us all her work and talking happily about art class and science, it seems like such a good fit. Our principal and aide were commenting on the way to picking Beth up that her mood seems to be lifting too, maybe the medication is starting to work. It seems like things are finally looking up!

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