A happy girl

Beth’s been in a good mood lately. Our principal has mentioned how Beth has been talking nicely and not snapping and I’ve been noticing it a bit at home too. She’s been quite chatty. We had our son Bill’s First Communion on Sunday and Beth was excellent in the church even though it went for over an hour. We went out for lunch afterwards and she sat at the childrens table eating and drawing on the paper table cloths. She was good as gold, no yelling, no spilling anything. Usually I have to whip out the trusty DSi but we didn’t need it on Sunday. I don’t know if it’s the relief of enjoying her new to be school or if it’s the medication starting to work. I’m thinking the medication as I wouldn’t imagine one day a week would effect the whole week as far as school moods are concerned. Hopefully the anxieties are going to lessen at primary school soon so that she can enjoy the rest of her last school year there. School holidays are at the end of next week so we can have a nice break and hopefully be ready for term four.

Beth’s been a funny bugger lately. She’s taken to sleeping in with me as the bunk bed that we bought for her and Bridie ended up not suiting her. She kept hitting her head and now wont sleep in there. We have no room for other beds so she’s sharing the big bed at the moment. They’ll all have their own rooms at the new house and things can hopefully go back to normal. Anyway, Beth’s been studying me and doing commentaries. I keep falling asleep watching the tely and as I snore, she keeps making loud noises to wake me up. It’s horrible as I keep thinking something has happened! She’s also talking about me. For example I will wake up to her prodding me and saying things like “she’s breathing again, she’s not dead!” Good to hear! Glad to see I amuse my child.

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  1. Deb says:

    This month’s Melbourne Child is looking at raising children with a disbality. there’s a big article about depression which you might find interesting. I picked up a copy at the chemist.x

  2. Sarah says:

    great thanks for that, will have to pick up a copy x

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