School holidays

It’s the first Monday of the September school holidays. I’m still awake at a ridiculous hour, 6am I woke up, it’s now 7.13am. Both the girls are awake and have been for a while. I’m hoping to get away with not doing much today, Beth and Bill would stay home doing not much all holidays if given half a chance but Bridie is a different kettle of fish, she needs to be kept busy all the time. I’ve promised her we’ll sort out her bedroom today so there goes my relaxing day!

We’ve had a good weekend. Beth has been excellent the last two days. Saturday morning I took her to get a blood test for gluten intolerance and to test her hormone levels to see if they have anything to do with her depression. She hasn’t had a blood test for years and last time Paul had to hold her down while they took the blood, even though they used a numbing cream. Our doctors are great and know Beth so had no problems letting me have some of that cream this time too. They put it in a little tub with some of those plastic stickers you put over the top on the arm to keep all the cream in. I put these on Beth an hour before going and she came along just fine. When we got in to the nurse Beth was sweating and shaking, she was so scared. The nurse asked if Beth would keep her arm still and I told her that I couldn’t promise anything but we’d try. Well, even though Beth cried out a little she kept her arm still and watched as they took three vials of blood. I was so proud of her. I told her so and she said to me that she was very nervous and scared but she had been very brave. She said as we were leaving “I didn’t die!” Poor love, I’m sure she knows in her heart that she wouldn’t because she hadn’t before but who knows what goes through her head. She was such a good girl. We went and bought a Disney magazine and a beanie kid much to Bridie’s annoyance. She soon shut up when I told her that she could go and get a needle too then and get a beanie kid!

We had my inlaws 60th Wedding Anniversary party yesterday. Paul’s brother Tony and his family came down from Canberra, our niece came back from Malaysia with her new baby Alice, we have another new grand nephew Oliver, news of another baby to be born in the new year and lots of catching up to do. We went armed with Beth’s DSi, not a terribly social tool but one that helps everybody else have a nice time relaxing and enjoying chatting without constantly worrying what Beth’s getting in to. It did run out of charge during the afternoon and Beth surprised us all by going around with my mother in law Bev meeting old friends and being quite charming. When I would go to check on them Beth would introduce me to the people she had just met. She loved the fact that there were name places on the tables so she could check the names if she had forgotten them. We had the photo done of all the grandchildren, 10 in all plus two great grandchildren. My wonderful friend Amanda came along and did lots and lots of photos for us and she assembled the kids in the foyer for the photos. Beth then delighted us by sitting on the floor with the two babies, holding their hands and talking to them as if they were talking back. She even sang them songs. Our nephew David commented on how much better Beth seemed, she was being really gentle and staying put, just being a really good girl. Everyone was chuffed at our news in regards to getting in to Emerson. It was a great weekend all round really.

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