Lion King

We’ve been to see the Lion King in 3D today. I have never seen it before. As my regular readers would know Beth loves Disney movies. They’re her passion. We have all the movies that we have seen together at the cinemas, now she’s amassing the earlier collections such as the Lion King and Beauty and the Beast. I loved it though I think I was the only person crying. I even checked on my Bill as he’s pretty sensitive but no, it was just me. I was the only one in the whole cinema loudly blowing my nose!

We went with a friend from school Laurine. She’s been Beth’s aide in the past and we usually try to have a catch up over the school holidays at some point. A while back it was a trip to the zoo and we’ve been to the movies together quite a bit. It’s great to go out with a friend who gets your kids and she genuinely seems to enjoy their company too. The kids feel awfully special as they are allowed to call her by her first name when we see her outside of school!

We went for icecream and coffees afterwards. Beth never fails to amaze me. She chatted away about the movie and who starred in it to Laurine and I, asking about favourite parts and characters. On the way home she elaborated on her knowledge of Disney movies. There were quite a few characters in the Lion King voiced by people from Toy Story and other Disney or Pixar movies. When Beth gets going she speaks so well and really knows what she’s talking about. When asking the dates of the movies I don’t even second guess her anymore. Bill, Bridie and I had a lovely conversation with Beth, asking her lots of questions such as which came first, Toy Story or Lion King. She told us with great confidence that Lion King was out in 1994 and Toy Story in 1995. I had no idea that Tom Hanks and Tim Allen were in Lion King, they only played small parts but Beth has clearly studied all the information about the movie, she knew all the character names and all the people who played them. She’s so ace!

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