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I must apologize for not writing for over a week. The second week of the school holidays made me go a little crazy and I was rather flat and negative and didn’t want to use the blog as a way to vent about how crappy I was feeling. I found the school holidays to be particularly challenging this time around. I’m not sure why, the kids were all pretty good. The block of land that we were buying from Paul’s parents has finally been settled so I can look forward to our new house being built now. I think it has dragged on for so long – 3 – 4 years now – that I was feeling like it was never going to happen. Add that to feeling a bit yucky in myself, being tired and Paul working really long hours at work and I guess it’s no wonder.

Anyway, it’s a new term and I’ve had a  break this week so I’m feeling a bit better in myself. I’ve had a chance to do some decluttering which always makes me feel better mentally too. It’s so hard to keep the house even tidy during school holidays isn’t it? We had a pretty good last week. Monday we went to Catriona and Jose’s house. They’re the friends that we went to Inverloch with a couple of holidays ago. Beth has a bit of a crush on Jose and he’s oblivious to it. As they don’t even go to the same school it’s harmless and we don’t mind if Beth thinks that he’s her boyfriend. She blows kisses to him when we leave and calls him ‘my little buttercup’ when she speaks of him! When we’re there however Jose and Bill go off and play boys games and Beth watches dvds. Bec came along with her kids as well as another friend who has a son with aspergers. Considering that there were four kids there on the spectrum (including Jose) it was an excellent day.

We took Beth’s friend Jessica to see the Smurfs at the movies. Paul had Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday off so he came along with us. The girls had a lovely time, Beth doesn’t have many playdates but when she does she really enjoys them.

Wednesday we had Sensational Kids and I took Bill and Bridie with me this time. I’m not sure if Beth enjoyed it or not, she seemed a bit put out, maybe at the idea of sharing Rod the Speech Therapist? We did play acting again with Bridie going from being the selective mute that she often chooses to almost flirting with Rod and not shutting up. I can’t figure that kid out! Beth had her session with Whiskas (not her real name) – the Occupational Therapist – to herself but got distressed when I took the other kids to McDonalds, I think she thought she’s miss out but we drove through when we left Sensational Kids so she didn’t.

Thursday I had made appointments at the optometrists for Beth and Bill. Beth went fine, in fact her concentration seemed better than the last test two years ago. She tried to tell the optometrist a joke but as an aspie himself (in several people’s opinions) he kept mucking it up. I had told him that it was a joke made up of four questions. When Beth asked him her questions though he kept not answering properly. For example when asked what his favourite colour was he said he didn’t have one but ‘as an answer seems to be required for the sake of the joke I’ll say green.’ This was the case with most of the questions. I think it pissed me off more than Beth though, she still did what she does as if he had answered normally. I can’t see the harm in playing along with things but clearly not everybody likes to do this.

Friday we went to Bec’s house for the day. I always have an Aah moment when I get to her house. The kids go off and do their own things and I get to relax with one of my best buds and just chill out. It was just what I needed. I had burst into tears on the phone to Bec the day before, just feeling overwhelmed with life. Just sitting chatting made me feel so much better.

We had a quietish weekend, Paul went sailing on Saturday and we had lunch at Grandma and Grandpas on Sunday.

I’ll go now and try to sort a bit more of my house out. Have a good week everybody xxx

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