Half way through

It’s the middle Sunday of the school holidays. Daylight savings starts today and I’m still up at the new time of 8am – been up for an hour too! I wish I could sleep in but it’s just not in me.

We’ve had a quiet school holidays. We visited one of my HAGS (Happy Autism Group Support) mums Trudy and her little girl Hayley on Wednesday to check out their trampoline. Beth is the size of a full grown adult now and the trampoline that she used to bounce on is way too small for her. As she likes to fling herself on to her back she’s hit her head a couple of times and now wont go on it hardly at all. We’ve still got one on the old fashioned rectangle trampolines so I wanted to check out the big round ones. Trudy told me that had a 14 foot one so we went around there to give Beth a bounce. It was huge! We’ll have to measure up the back yard at the block where we’re building as we’re getting a pool too and we have to allow for the width of the pool and the obligatory pool fence. Still, as it’s the only exercise Beth tends to do I’d love to get her one. Also, I know she wont grow out of it, she’ll use it well in to her adulthood. We may just have to come down a size. Trudy was pleased with Hayley as she’s not used to kids playing with her toys, she coped really well. It’s lovely when there’s improvements that you don’t realise, it shows how the hard work and perseverance of the parents does pay off in the end.

Beth’s been a bit of a bugger now that she’s loving Sesame Street again. On Wednesday the whole show was about Oscar and a made up disease called Mineitis. Everybody on Sesame Street had Mineitis and the only way to get rid of it was to get Oscar to share with them all. That meant that Beth kept taking things like my jewellery box and telling me that she had Mineitis. I found myself having to threaten to ban her from morning television the next day to stop her from doing it. Luckily she did stop herself. I’ve been watching Sesame Street with Beth as she’s still got her fingers in her ears when Oscar comes on but his elephant hasn’t been on this week. I keep reassuring her that she’s not scared of elephants anymore but want to see how she’ll react if it’s on. It’s so nice to see her get over something that’s been a fear for so long.

We went to Bec’s house on Friday, a friend who had kids the same age as my younger two. Beth loves going there and makes herself at home, watching dvds and videos for the most part. It’s lovely to go to a house where they ‘get’ Beth, Bec’s middle son Will has autism too and is Bill’s friend. Beth showed her sweet side with Bec’s youngest Angus who’s just turned one. She read to him and kept patting him on the head, it was very cute!

I’ll leave you with a Beth funny. I was watching one of the Narnia movies in my bed with Bill and Bridie. I could hear Beth in the loungeroom asking a question when there was nobody in there. When nobody answered her she said “I’ll take that as a yes then!” Clearly she gets her sarcasm from me!

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