We had a good couple of sessions at Sensational Kids today. Beth seems to be coming down with a slight cold so she was a bit flat but she still participated fairly well. Rod (Speech Therapist) was trying to get her into a conversation. He started off by telling her that he had hurt his finger. She answered that they could do some cartwheels! After trying to get her to say what she thought may be the right response he gave her multiple choice. These were a) I like apples, b) How did you hurt your finger? and c) Why do you have such big feet? She knew straight away that it was b. He then answered with “I fell when walking backwards up the stairs. Beth was supposed to either call him on such a silly thing or ask him why he did that. She did neither. Rod explained how we are trying to broaden her way of thinking by giving more abstract statements or questions. I asked if she would ever get it or even if she would ever care. I pointed out that her way of thinking may be “And this affects me how?” He said that with work she would start to think more along the correct lines.

Rod told me that 99.9% of people parent by asking questions and guiding our children. He suggested that I comment rather than asking questions to which there is a concrete answer. For example instead of asking if Beth slept ok, I should say that I had a good night’s sleep. That way she should either respond in kind or ask for further clarification. I like the idea of that, it brings out more conversation. I was saddened to hear at the end of our session that Rod would no longer be practicing speech after this year. We are to get a new therapist. This is so that Rod can concentrate on the business side of Sensational Kids as he is the owner. He can train others up and oversea all aspects of the business. I understand but will miss him, he and Beth have an undeniable bond and I have got to know him well too. He will still be there though so I’m sure we’ll bump into him.

Beth then had her Occupational Therapy session with Whiskas (not her real name.) Once again they talked about going to California with Beth doing some writing, pasting of pictures and searching for things on the internet. Whiskas reported that Beth seemed a bit disinterested today but still got the work done.

We stopped in at the school uniform shop for Emerson school where Beth is going to next year. Beth kept roaming out down the corridor and picking bits off stands, basically being a pain in the arse! We picked pants, bike shorts, school dress, jacket, shirts, hat and schoolbag up so she’s all set. She’s looking forward to wearing them at her next transition day and picked out the schoolbag herself out of all the different ones. It’s so strange seeing her in a different uniform after seven years in the same one. She looked so grownup!

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