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Here is the social story I wrote for Beth for today – her first official transition day. Hopefully it’ll go better than the last one.

One day Bronte was going to her fourth transition day at big
school. Bronte was 12 years old and was a bit nervous as she was finishing off
at her Primary School. She loved Primary School and had been there nearly 7

Bronte had been three other times to her new school. The
first two times she really enjoyed herself. It was a bit different to her other
school though. At primary school Bronte had a lady to help her all the time. It
wasn’t always the same lady but she always had somebody with her. Bronte loved
this as sometimes she didn’t want to do things for herself! At the new school
there was no lady to help her, just a teacher at the front of the classroom who
was there for all the kids.

Bronte did worry a little bit about a boy, who she told her
mum had bullied her. He had called her names and made fun of her dancing. When
Bronte went back a third time she didn’t enjoy it as much because she was
worried about the boy. She was also worried about some other kids who had been
a bit mean to her.

Her mum spoke to the lady in charge when she dropped Bronte
off the third time. She was told that when kids are new to a school it takes a
little while for them to settle in with the other kids who have been there for
a while. It will take Bronte a little while to get used to the others. It will also
take the other kids a little while to get used to Bronte. She reassured
Bronte’s mum that the school wouldn’t let anything bad happen to her.

When Bronte’s mum picked her up she was told the Bronte
hadn’t had a very good day. This made her mum sad. Bronte said she really liked
the school but she was in a bad mood and didn’t want to do anything. She had
also tried to get the teacher to put things away instead of doing it herself.
She didn’t like having to do lots for herself.

Bronte’s mum explained that it might be hard to get used to
the new school at first. She said that Bronte would start to feel really good
about being able to do things independently which means by yourself. She also
explained that there would be other new kids starting on the forth transition
day and that Bronte might make some new friends who were a bit nervous too.

Bronte started to feel excited! She had already had three
days there so she didn’t feel like the new kid anymore. She also had the school
uniform ready to wear on the day. She got up excitedly on the day and had a
fantastic time! Her mum got to stay for a while and make friends too and Bronte
felt really proud when she did things by herself.

At the end of the day she went home happy and excited to
tell her mum and staff at the primary school about the good day she had had.
She was very excited at the thought of having lots of new friends the next year
and her mum promised that when they moved into the new house Bronte could have
friends over for sleepovers! She couldn’t wait!

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