A good day

Beth had her proper transition day at Emerson today. I was a bit apprehensive as last time hadn’t gone as well as the first two times had. I read Beth her social story last night. She had worn her new school uniform, bag and hat and I had packed her a yummy lunch of cold roast veggies and lamb. I had covered all bases! As we drove to Emerson this morning we talked briefly about the other new kids that would be there. I didn’t want to harp on about it too much. Beth was happy enough to go in and we went into a hall area to see a powerpoint presentation.

I was impressed with the talk that we saw. Even though I have done three or four tours it was good to get an overview of the school. They do such a lot of activities there. The school is very sports oriented which will be good for Beth as she needs encouraging in that department. Mind you if she’s anything like me at school she’ll  bung on a sickness or period to try and get out of doing sports! They have a rule that there cannot be any piercings other than studs in the ears. The vice principal said that the kids are welcome to get  piercing on the last day of term four and keep it all holidays but it WILL be out on the first day of term one. They have lots of incursions and visitors to the school such as footballers and basketball players. Maybe if they had Disney Stars on show Beth might have been interested but she sat through the whole presentation looking bored shitless! I however thought it was great. I was amused at the attitude towards mobile phones. Under no circumstances would they be allowed. If one was brought to school it would be confiscated. If the child refused then the parent would be called and the phone and or the student would be sent home. If the phone is brought to school and is lost DO NOT call asking if it has been found as it shouldn’t be there in the first place! It’s good to see that they are not slack at all and have some fairly strict rules.

When I went back to pick Beth up all the new kids came out in dribs and drabs with each other or with a staff member. Beth came out with some girls already at the school. I don’t know if it was a coincidence or not but I like to think that she was already so at home there that she was either comfortable with the kids or confident to come out to find me. It may be something entirely different but that’s what I’m going to believe!

We stopped in at the shops for a hot chocolate and to buy Beth some new pyjamas. How lucky that the ladies pjs in Big W have got Cookie Monster and Elmo on them. Beth was rapt. We then headed off to Bree’s mums house as she is fantastic at sewing by all accounts. The fairy princess dress had become too tight for graduation next week (thank goodness we tried it on again), the little bugger just keeps growing. Bree’s mum (don’t want to mention her name as I haven’t asked her) lengthened the straps and gave me a few hints and once again it looks perfect on her.

Beth enjoyed playing with their dogs. They have three dogs and two cats and Beth lay on the floor cuddling them and not trying hard enough to push them off as they licked her face. At one point she suggested that the boy and girl have puppies. When told that they wouldn’t have puppies Beth suggested that they started having sex so that they could! Classy Beth! She was in a very entertaining mood which is always nice to see. It’s so nice to go to places where people get Beth and don’t mind her being herself. She had a ball playing with all the pets and even scored a jewelled shell at the end.

My Beth funny for the night is about the Big Bang Theory. Beth has become obsessed with Sheldon and keeps quoting him or worse still asking me to quote him from various episodes. She also likes me to play the part off Howard’s mum. For those who watch the show and know me you’ll know it’s not such a stretch for me to do her! Beth always puts the sub titles on so that she can get the full benefit of all the Sheldonisms.

We’ve got Sensational Kids tomorrow. I’ll let you know how we go.

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