We had Bethie’s graduation from grade six last night. Wow! It was a fabulous night. All the girls looked stunning and so grown up. Of course I thought Beth looked the most glamorous but that’s my job as her mum! I was pleased that they were all so dressy as Beth didn’t look out of place at all. I was worried that I had gone a bit over the top as I tend to do, especially when it comes to my Beth.

We arrived at 6pm and the place was already packed, people taking photos and no parking to be found. We had been to Bev and John’s (my inlaws) to get ready as the kids all had haircuts for the night and they live around the corner from the hairdressers. Beth was all excited, I was so pleased as she hasn’t enjoyed spending time with her friends lately and I was hoping it wouldn’t follow over to graduation. As she had her hair washed and cut I painted her nails a pretty pink. We wolfed down a meat pie to keep the kids going and got ready. I had bought Beth a lovely necklace with a heart that she wore and a blingy pink ring. We fitted the dress and off we went.

As soon as we got to the reception venue Beth was in her element. Everybody oohed and aahed over her dress and she positioned herself for photo opportunities for her friends and their parents. The kids were lovely from her grade, grabbing her hand and making sure they were all photographed together.

We went upstairs for the speeches and Beth waited fairly patiently until it was her turn. She got up to do her speech with her friend Megan by her side. She did it in a clear voice, the only issue was that by the end the microphone was in her mouth so it was a bit muffled! I’ll put a video link on to here with some photos. She also went up to receive her mathletics award from her teacher and principal. The only wardrobe malfunction was when she loosened it at the back and her boob popped out slightly before one of her aides sprang to her side to fix it! She then stayed on for dinner with the other children and staff and Paul picked her up at 9.30pm. Today she’s still in a great mood and has gone to school happy as Larry. We’ve got the carols tonight at school then tomorrow is the last day. The grade sixes are having a sleepover tonight but Beth doesn’t want to do it so I wont push her. She’s ending her schooling on a more than positive note and for that I couldn’t be happier. What a wonderful community we have, Beth will miss our little primary school and I’m sure she’ll be missed by them too. She’s an amazing kid with a fantastic sense of humour, very self assured and beautiful to boot! Here are some photos of the girl :


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