Sensational Kids and some Beth funnies

Beth had a fabulous session at Sensational Kids yesterday. We met the new Speech Therapist whose name is Cassandra or Cass for short. She seems really lovely. Beth was alert and on task, in fine form actually. Rod was still in session with us and he told us that we all had to write a sentence. Beth’s was “I am 12 years old and I am inventive – because I am an inventive chef and artist.” When asked to elaborate on this she explained that she had made fritatas and pancakes at school. She then drew a picture of herself with a chef’s hat. My sentence was “I love Christmas because I love chocolate eggs.” Beth corrected me and made it presents. Cass’ sentence was “On holidays I like to stay at work.” Beth corrected this with “sit in a pool at a hotel.” Rods was “I like to drink socks.” Beth made this a banana milkshake and explained step by step how to do this. She enjoyed Rod pretending that she was in a blender on a chair on wheels, turning her around and around and whizzing her. We all had to draw our sentences and Beth had her last carry on Rod’s shoulders to the ball pit. Beth was happy and ‘there’ which often is not the case.

Beth’s next session with Whiskas (not her real name), our Occupational Therapist went well too. They discussed big girls things and school and Beth drew an excellent poster.

This morning I went to school and helped Beth write her speech for graduation next week. She put a bit of her ‘Beth’ humour in there, I wont tell you what because I’ll put a link to the film that we’ll do of her speech and I don’t want to spoil it. One of the things that tugged at my heartstrings was when we asked about her friends in the final paragraph. Beth said “I’ll see all my friends next year when we come back to Primary School.” I thought that was so sad, she clearly doesn’t want things to change. I would imagine there would be quite a few other grade 6 kids feeling similar things. Beth does know that she wont be with them, it wasn’t that, she was just letting us know how she feels. We ended up putting in a paragraph about seeing them at next year’s school fete and talking about their new schools together.

Now I’ll share a few Beth funnies.

Bree told me yesterday that I missed out some of Beth’s comments about the dogs having sex. Apparently after telling us all that the dogs could have puppies if they had sex, she went on to say “All dogs need sex, just like all people need sex. We all need sex, just like mum and dad!” Hmmm maybe I shouldn’t fall asleep when we’re watching tely. I certainly haven’t told her these things, in fact I am by far one of the most prudish people in my friendship circle. Not sure if Bree’s mum knows that though of if she thinks I’m a very forward parent!

When at Bree’s mums house Beth noticed a pram in the spare bedroom where she was getting changed. When she came out she asked Bree’s mum if she had a baby. BM thought she meant the doll that she’d seen on the dressing table. As BM makes realistic baby dolls she got one out and brought it out to the loungeroom to show Beth, stating something like “Here is the real baby.” Beth looked at it and said rather scornfully “That’s not real, it’s plastic!”

Also while we were there Bree picked up her mums cat for a cuddle and it scratched her. Beth started off concerned about Bree’s scratch saying “Oh, how is your scratch, and your heart?” When told it didn’t hurt the heart she asked “The lungs then?” We told her that no, it’s just Bree’s skin. “How’s your skin and your kidneys then?” Clearly things have to be more dramatic than they actually are.

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