The Muppets

We took the kids to the drive in on Saturday. Bridie had been for the first time the week before but as a family we had never been to the drive in before. We went with Amanda and Geoff and their three boys. Similarly to us  their oldest child Lachlan is on the spectrum and he’s the same age as Beth. He’s going to mainstream high school next year so Amanda and I will have lots of comparisons to make as far as high schools are concerned.

We set off at 7.30pm to get to the drive in in plenty of time. When we arrived we went to the cafe for donuts then set up with our foldup chairs in front of our cars. Beth and Lachlan soon decided that the car was a much comfier option and climbed back inside. The movie we had decided to see was The Muppets and it was bloody hilarious! I never watched the show that much growing up but now want to see the series as do the kids. It was so funny. Amanda and I laughed, if it wasn’t Beth calling something out from the car it was Lachlan. You could hear Beth saying things like “I told you it was just like Sesame Street didn’t I?” Lachlan got quite heated when he thought the bad guy was going to win and came out telling Amanda how much he hated him! They were very entertaining. A bonus for Beth was that Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory (her new favourite show and character) was in it. Each morning she wakes up saying to me “Remember when we went to see the Muppets?” so she clearly loved it!

I was surprised how full the drive in was. It was filling up again when we left too so obviously the grown up entertainment was about to start. I saw two friends from kinder even though it was about 1/2 an hour drive away from home. It was good value mind you, $28 for a carload. It often costs over $50 for the five of us at the cinema and at times there are hardly any other people there.

Poor old Bridie had an accident where her arm smashed a window on Sunday. Thank God Paul was home. I don’t cope with things like that. In fact I didn’t cope so much that I fainted, vomited and had to go to bed for the rest of the day! I thought that I had gotten better with things like that since having the kids so maybe having Paul at home meant that in my mind I had permission to flake. It didn’t help matters any with Beth asking periodically if Bridie or myself was going to die, in fact it freaked poor Brides out even more!

The rest of the week has been fairly quiet. Paul has taken the kids to his sister’s place today as she lives just near the beach. I’ve been trying to make room for my soon to be new ikea shelves! It’s a stinking hot day today so I’m glad not to go out.

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