School week over already

Well it’s Friday evening, the school week has finally started and it’s over already. I had great intentions of doing lots of cleaning but of course I didn’t. I got some shopping done, put some things on ebay, looked at courses online, did some vacuuming and washing, checked out facebook, lots of nothing things. Then it was time to go and pick up Beth!

I got a bit more info out of Beth last night. I don’t know how much of it is real and how much she made up to shut me up. We had seen a largish boy in the morning who was on crutches. He seemed nice and said hi to Beth. When I asked her last night who she had lunch with she told me the pudgy boy on the pogo sticks! Lovely! Luckily I think lots of the kids at the school are as blunt as Beth. I then asked if she did any specialist subjects other than being in the classroom. She told me that she did art and that she made a sculpture. She said it was a cross between Homer Simpson and Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory. She said it was called Shomar and it says Bazingdoh. She said it had Homer’s head and Sheldon’s legs. I’ll be interested to see if that one’s true! Lastly (and this is one I don’t believe) she told me that they took a walk to the local cemetary. When I asked her why on earth they would visit the cemetary she said “to die of course” in a matter of fact way. I’m surprised she didn’t add ‘der’ on to the end of it! I don’t think many people would visit if that was the case.

Paul took Beth to school this morning. He reported that she seemed a bit lost, they all had to meet in the courtyard and get into their class groups but Beth wasn’t sure where to go. When I picked her up tonight she told me that she once again had lunch with the boy with the pogo sticks. When I asked his name she told me it is Pudgy. I told her that that wasn’t an ok name. Hopefully he thinks it means cuddly! She did try to tell me of other stuff she had done but then told me she was making it up after I asked if she was fibbing. She said that she watched the other kids play basketball. It sounds like she’s settling in somewhat, next week should be interesting, five full days might be a challenge.

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