Tuesday 21st Feb.

Well things are going along pretty well. We’re all getting in to our routines, leaving that bit earlier to drop the littlies off and driving Beth to Dandenong. It’s usually a 1 1/2 hour round trip by the time I get home. Doing that twice a day is exhausting but it’s amazing what you get used to.

Beth seems happy at school. After the bullying incident last week other kids have been asked to include Beth and that has been happening. She seems to be finding her way and tells me about the kids she plays with. She’s told me about playing Pictionary, tic tac toe and dancing. She told me that they made pancakes for Shrove Tuesday today, she got to do the shaking and she wants me to buy a pancake mix so that she can do it at home. I still get her in the mornings telling me that we have a doctors appointment or that I have to pick her up early though. On Thursday we have parent teacher interviews at Bill and Bridie’s school so I opted for the earlier timeslots and told Beth that I’d pick her up at 2pm for a change. Bridie’s having a friend over and I don’t want to be hanging around the school for ages while I do the interviews.

The thing I have noticed that is different from last year is that Beth is happier at home. She sings along to the radio in the car and is more chatty. She’s certainly telling me more about her day at school though I don’t give her the ipad in the car until she does! She seems more settled and I’m thinking that it’s because she knows where she will be going for the forseeable future. Last year was so scary, leaving a school that she had attended for seven years and not being able to picture what this year would be like. I’ve been very happy with her school, there’s been a few hiccups but nothing like I expected. Even if she’d gone to mainstream school she would have only known one or two kids, she’s done so well for being the new kid.

I spoke with Rod who used to own Sensational Kids yesterday. He had been Beth’s speech therapist for three years and is taking on a few clients again. Beth is excited about seeing him again, we haven’t set a date yet but I’ve told her about it. He’ll be working on Fridays so if we saw him once a month it would fit in nicely. Our Primary School assembly is on a Friday morning so I could attend as I can’t with dropping Beth off at school. If she has the day off I can go once in a while.

I’ll leave you with a funny Beth story.

I got to her school yesterday and was talking to a couple of other new mums. One was asking the other how her son was going. The reply was that he had hidden in a cupboard during PE. She said she doesn’t know where he got it from as he’d never done it before. I had to laugh as I apologized, explaining that Beth had done this earlier in the week! Cheeky bugger, there’ll probably be a lock on the cupboard next week.

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