A good end to the week

Well Beth has had a great week this week. Her teacher has told me twice that she’s been really good and enjoying school. They have a thing they call Menzies which is a reward. Miss X told me that Beth had said that she had been really good and that she should get Menzies. This means that they get to go to the local shop on Menzies Road and buy their lunch with a supervisor. Miss X had agreed with Beth and told her she should wait and see. Beth must have been trying hard to get her reward because today she came home with a slip to say that she gets Menzies next week! She’s very excited about it.

Yesterday was parent teacher interviews at Bill and Bridie’s school. As we had a playdate organised for Bridie after school I didn’t want to be doing them after school so as a special treat for Beth I picked her up at 2pm – 45 minutes early. It was good for her to see people from Primary School as she can see that they haven’t just disappeared from her life. She took her Ipad in while I did the interviews. One by one either her old aides or teachers came to talk to her, genuinely pleased to see her and see how she’s going. She looked gorgeous in her new school dress and they all commented on how nice she looked. Beth told a couple of the staff that she missed them. We then saw a boy called James who had started school with Beth. He’s always looked out for her, making sure her shoes were on in the playground and never being embarassed to care about her in front of his friends. We saw him yesterday and Beth was so happy to see him, saying “Hi James, I miss you!” He was with a friend but still said happily “Hi Beth, I miss you too!” What a honey he is.

When we went to wait for the other kids to come out we saw my friend Bree. Beth was playing a game on her Ipad in which she put funny things on the faces of the characters of The Big Bang Theory. Bree loves the show too so her and Beth had a lovely conversation with the two of them quoting scenes from Big Bang. Beth’s particular favourite is a grumpy Jewish mother called Mrs Wolowitz. She makes me do her voice and quotes quite often. You never see her on the show, you just hear her yelling. Beth made Bree do her voice then Beth would play the character of her son Howard. It was hilarious. Bree commented how chatty Beth was. It was so nice to see Beth so relaxed and clearly happy spending time with the people she’s been with for seven years.

Paul went to the information night at Beths school last night and was really impressed. It’s amazing that for under 400 children there are 100 staff. They are so committed and passionate about the school. Paul said that there is a vocal coach on staff for music now so I’d love Beth to have a chance to sing, she has a lovely voice and no stage fright at all. Interestingly the middle school has the most amount of children with the junior school only having 82. So if anybody is thinking of sending their kids there they’d more than likely have a good chance in primary school.

I’ll leave you with a Beth funny. When I went to pick Beth up today she had paint all over her brand new white shirt. I asked what had happened and she said she had done art for her electives. I asked why she had paint on her shirt and she told me she wanted to be the 102nd dalmation! Cheeky bugger, hopefully stain removal will get it off, otherwise she’ll bloody well wear it with stains on it!

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