Big Bang

Beth’s become quite obsessed with the Big Bang Theory. She hasn’t liked comedies ever as she doesn’t like the laughter track. On the rare occasion she did watch a comedy it was almost painful to watch as she falsely laughed at things that she didn’t really understand. With the Big Bang Theory though she gets the jokes and laughs because she thinks it is funny. She loves the characters, especially Howard and his mother Mrs Wolowitz. Lately I’ve found her looking up clips on You Tube of the scenes they are in. We went to a 70th party of an old family friend on Saturday. Beth had her headphones on in the room that the food was set up in. She was playing herself clips and doing the voices. For the most part this was funny but on occasion there were rude bits too. All would be quiet and then you’d hear “Who’s that, is it a sex criminal?” in a loud, trying to be Jewish sounding voice! I kept telling her to quieten down but she was in the moment and loving it. She then played on one of those animal games where you type things in and they speak it. Still on the Big Bang track (at least I hope) she asked me quite loudly how to spell condom! I don’t know what people thought, I think most people ‘got it’ and she was very entertaining.

On Sunday morning Beth must have been excited as Big Bang isn’t on on Saturdays. She woke up and announced “Happy Big Bang Day!” Yes it was on that night.

One more funny. Beth has discovered that becoming a young woman isn’t all bad. When I tried to get her to independently dress herself for the party I came back in the room to find her cupping her breasts and looking in the mirror smiling. I told her to hurry up, that we had to get going. She said “But they’re so squishy!” Maybe boobs aren’t so bad after all.

I’ll be interested to see how Beth goes at school today as she had her walk to the Menzies Avenue shops to buy her lunch. This was a reward for being a good girl last week. She’s informed me that she’s buying chips so she must have seen somebody with them last week. Hopefully she’ll still continue her good behaviour.

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