Good news from the doctors

Beth’s got the all clear from the doctors. I was a bit concerned yesterday however. We had done the wee collection starting after the first wee on Monday all the way through til Tuesday first thing. Beth is such a trouper, she obediently sat on the bucket each time and even woke me asking for the bottle that I poured the wee into on Tuesday night after she didn’t need to anymore. I took it to the lab on Tuesday morning and coincidentally had a doctors appointment on Wednesday afternoon for Bill so asked the doctor about the results then. I really like the new doctor at our surgery but she’s always running so late. 45 minutes after our appointment we got in and the doctor alarmed me as she had one of the results back and this said that the red blood cells were elevated. This meant that if the protein was still in the wee she’d have to send us to a urologist to get her kidneys checked out. As the protein had been in the previous two tests I was understandably worried. She said she’d call me after the results came in so I asked her to double check that they hadn’t come in already. She checked and yes they were in and everything was ok! So glad I pushed it otherwise I’d be a basket case by now! She said we’d do another check in a month or so but she wasn’t worried at all.

It’s school holidays this week. We’ve had a good week. Monday we had a quiet day, just staying at home and watching tely or playing games. Tuesday we went to visit my friend Cat and her son Jose. Our friend Bec came with us with her kids. As we all have one kid on the spectrum (Bec’s is Will) it’s always fun to go somewhere where they ‘get’ it. We had a lovely day, Cat always has plenty for the kids to do and our boys alternated between playing playstation games to playing footy outside. Bridie  played with Bec’s daughter Kasey who is one of her besties and Beth watched dvds and played on her ipad. Will was funny, he’s very particular with his food, especially his pies. Catriona had bought frozen pies but as they weren’t from the bakery they weren’t the right ones. He came into the kitchen to check out the pies and just said ‘no thankyou, they don’t look right, they’re just not right’ and walked out again. Even saying no he has lovely manners, Bec has taught him well. We left at about 5pm so all came home happy and tired.

Yesterday (Wednesday) we went to Bec’s house for a play with other friends Bree and Eloise. Our fifth in our little clan is Liz but she had sick kids at home. We seem to have not been all together for several weeks as one or the other of us has had sick kids or been sick ourselves. It’s that time of the year. We all get together every Thursday usually, dubbed Bec Thursday coz that’s where we usually go. It’s one of my sanity savers, we’re all a little bit different as are our kids, and we celebrate this in ourselves and in each other. I don’t know what I’d do without my girls. Anyway, once again all the kids had a wonderful time and us adults spent the day eating, chatting, even a few tears. We often take our old bags of clothes so yesterday most of us scored some new clothes too! Beth spent most of the day trying to play on Bec’s Ipad even though she had hers with her. They got the pleasure of experiencing Beth never giving up, with her nagging all afternoon. Bec realised she’d made a mistake when Beth picked up that Bec had said “not yet” instead of no to using the ipad. Every two or three minutes Beth would come up and say “Is it my turn now, Bec said not yet so when, when, when?”!

Today I took the kids to see Ice Age 4. I was a bit concerned as Beth being obsessed with the Muppets at the moment had her talking about taking someone called Peppey to the movies with us. On a You Tube clip she has of him it has his phone number in the background (probably the Muppet studios) so each time the phone rang she’d say it was Peppey. My phone rang while I was in the shower and I missed it but heard Beth talking then saying ‘sorry Mum’ as she heard me coming. When she asked me what time Peppey was coming and what friends he was bringing I ended up stopping the charade. I agreed that today could be Muppet day but that Peppey wasn’t coming, he wasn’t real and she was to stop talking about him coming to the movies with us or we just wouldn’t go. She’s pretty good when she knows she’s crossed the line and agreed to shut the hell up! The movie was terrific, Beth liked the teenage characters of course and talked about how cute the teenage boy was even though he was a mammoth! We stopped by the new house to see the new splashback in the kitchen (picture below with Beth walking in front of the camera!), the problem was that the builder had put a heap of dirt in front of the door so it was incredibly muddy. Beth’s crocks got stuck in the mud and it wasn’t a very enjoyable experience. Still, the kitchen looks fabulous and we’ll be moving in at the end of next week. We may not have internet for a while so I’ll try to post once more before we move.

Stay sane in the holidays!

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