I’m not very happy today. We were meant to move into the new house tomorrow (Saturday) so that we’d be in and settled before the kids went back to school on Monday. I had a phone call from our builder saying that the electricity hasn’t been booked to be connected up until next Friday! We’ve had problems with the electrician he uses when it comes to forms, he’s not terribly bright and we’ve had several holdups because he’s filled in forms wrong or hasn’t signed orders. This time I’m really pissed off though, it’s not just a hold up in building, it’s making a difference in us moving. Not sure what we’re going to do, at this stage I’m hoping my inlaws wont mind if we stay with them for a couple of nights. If we don’t move tomorrow then I’ll have to do it by myself as Paul is in a new job and can’t have time off. Also, we have to be out of the old house by Wednesday so I wouldn’t have the time to clean and get the carpets steam cleaned. I’m hoping that a miracle will happen and they’ll feel sorry for us and come out and put the power on but it’s just not going to happen. Crying didn’t even work so I didn’t even bother pulling out the autism card, hard nosed so and so’s!

Anyway….. I took Beth to the dentist at her school today. She went last week, they have a dental van that is free so well worth going. She’s very good at the dentist as a rule but as we all can be, she was adament that she wouldn’t have a needle. Last week the dentist told me that she could do a temporary filling and some sealants but to do the proper filling required Beth would need a needle. Well today was the day. We tried to convince her, to bribe her with a dvd, nothing would make her say yes. And really, who can blame her? I hate the dentist, something I’ve tried not to show my kids but definitely my biggest phobia. The dentist was wonderful though, showed her the numbing cream and then gave her a gentle poke, saying that the needle would feel like that. She promised Beth that the needle wouldn’t hurt. In the end she told Beth that usually they just bring it out for the little kids but would make an exception for her, they would bring out the special fairy drops. They had to be administered via the needle but would just be dropped around the gum area and would make the gums numb that way. Beth said yes to a few and then bugger, my phone rang, which stopped the process. Finally she relented and was so relieved that it didn’t hurt that she was good as gold for the rest, having a huge filling which went to the side of her tooth as well. I’m still not sure whether they did really give her a needle or drop it on the gums, either way she was fine. I have to take her back on Monday for another one so let’s hope todays memory is a good one. Beth was funny though, asking if they would kill her, if it would damage her kidneys, all sorts of things. The dentist told her she should be a writer, she had so many excuses!

The rest of this week has been nice but busy. We visited Catriona and Jose again on Monday, again with Bec and her kids. We went to Bec’s house again on Wednesday. We went to see Brave at the movies on Monday. Just me and the girls. Beth’s such a bugger, Bridie needed to go to the toilet so I put Beth in the end seat as she sometimes jumps up or stands up, mainly when I’m not there. Well, little bugger did it didn’t she? I came back and there she was, sitting on the top of the seat! At least it wasn’t in front of anybody. She knows too. When we left I asked her if she thought I’d be upset with her. She said yes, because she was sitting on the back of the seat. I don’t know if she had been there the whole time or just as she saw me coming back through the door. It reminds me of when she got into smashing eggs when she was about 5. If she didn’t see me coming in to the kitchen I’d spy her with a smile on her face, holding the egg in the air, then when she’d see me down it would go. What’s the point of being a little shit if it doesn’t get a reaction!

Next time I speak with you we’ll be in the new house. Hopefully sooner than later! The internet will take a while to go on so it may be a week or so. I’ll try to stay sane until then! xx


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