Flat out

Sorry it’s been such a long time in writing. I’ve just been so flat out, haven’t even had a chance to be at home very much. My Dad is in the hospital with pneumonia and I’ve been going to the hospital every day after I drop the kids off, not coming home again til after I’ve picked them up. I wont go into details as it’s not my story to tell but suffice to say I’m stuffed! On the plus side it’s been lovely spending so much time with my dear old dad, we don’t often get much of a chance to catch up and now I’m seeing him every day.

Last week when Dad first went to hospital my wonderful parents in law picked all the kids up for me for a couple of days. On the second day I got home and Bev told me that Beth had been really rude at school that day, calling people names and basically just being really badly behaved. I asked her what she’d said and she told me that she’d told her teacher that she had an ugly face (which she doesn’t). I told Beth how disappointed in her I was and that she had to apologize the next day. Bev and John had explained to Beth’s teacher about Dad and she had laughed it off, I think she’s used to these kids now! I asked Beth if she was worried about her Grandsha and she answered “people die from pneumonia you know.” I’m not sure if she had been really worried about Dad or not but I reassured her that he was very sick but he wasn’t going to die. I guess I hadn’t really spoken to her about what was going on. I have to remember to explain things more. When I dropped her off in the morning I saw her teacher and apologized on Beth’s behalf. She told me that Beth had also told her she needed plastic surgery! Thank goodness she’s got a good sense of humour.

We got our new puppy Maggie today. She’s so cute! I took her to Beth’s school and she was calling out to all the kids to come and see her, it was lovely to see Beth communicate so well, clearly excited to show off our new baby.

I’ll finish with a couple of Beth quotes / funnies. Beth amazes me with her knowledge of movies. We were watching an episode of the Simpsons last night and I was curious to see who was voicing a particular character. It was Michael Keaton. I read it out loud and Beth said “Yes, of Beetlejuice fame.” I asked how she knew this as she’s never seen the movie and she told me it was her ‘movie intuition’. I asked if that was a website she looked at and she replied that no, it’s just what’s in her brain. Wow, she’s so knowledgeable when it comes to movies!

The other thing was when we were watching the diving in the Olympics. Beth commented that she loved the way they dived and how she’d love to do that. I said that it’s hard when you’re scared of heights like Beth is. She said that she’s more scared of lotes. I asked what that meant, what are lotes? She said the heights were the high ones and the lotes were the low ones! When she says these things she looks at you, almost daring you to laugh. She’s got such a dry sense of humour at times!

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