Living in the Palace

Well we’re finally in! We’ve been here about two weeks now. We didn’t have internet for the first week and I’ve been having lots of visitors coming around for a sticky beak at the new Palace so I’ve been flat out. It’s lovely and thank goodness has lived up to the dream that’s been in my mind for the last few years.

Beth as always has just rolled with the punches. She’s by far the cruisiest of my three kids, as long as she has her comforts of ipad and/or dvds she’s just fine. She wasn’t terribly impressed with the whole ‘no internet’ thing and I had to make sure that I got the date right for when it was coming back on as she did count down the days, but she coped without it. So did I amazingly, I thought I’d be lost without the internet but I actually quite enjoyed it. I got lots done and got many surprises when seeing people as I didn’t already know what they were going to say thanks to Facebook!

Since starting back at school this term I’ve had a parent teacher interview and a school report for Beth. I’ll go into more details in my next post but suffice to say I am incredibly proud of my girl, she’s stepped up so much and is much more independant and less demanding. She’s not expecting constant one on one supervision, she’s putting up her hand and asking to go to the toilet or to leave the room (mind you I didn’t know she wasn’t doing this!), she’s participating much more with the class as a whole. The overriding feel I got from her teacher though was how much they love her humour, her personality. On a Monday they have the weekend news when the kids get up and share what they did on the weekend. Beth loves this and does her news with accents and gestures, she’s very theatrical! Her teacher said that this is unusual for a child with autism, to put themselves in another character and to get up and perform. I’m very pleased with how well she has done in just the six months that she has been at high school.

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