Some fabulous art!

I’m so excited that Ashleigh is back! We think she’s ace anyway but I’m always so impressed at her guidance to get Beth to create such beautiful artworks. Sometimes they can be a little quirky or off kilter but that makes them all the more Beth! Here are some she did this morning. The horse was done from Ash’s phone and the cocky was done for one that is stuck in the backyard as we speak. The wildlife people are coming to save it and Beth wanted to do a picture of it to show it so that it didn’t feel too sad. She’s named him Puffy. She’s so bloody gorgeous!

We’re very sad as we are no longer having Caitlyn coming over. Last week she took Beth to the library and had lunch again. She is fantastic with Beth and Beth just adores her. Sadly she’s moving to another job and, as she was the reason we were using that company, we shall be moving on too. I love the dynamic with them so am looking for another young lady to take Beth on the outings she enjoys. I have her name down at a couple of places. I shall be removing the tags to the organisation she worked for as for reasons I won’t go in to I’m not keen on using them anymore.

We have other big things in the system though! I went to see the exercise physiologist at the gym this morning for myself to get back into exercising. He is now doing work with the NDIS and is happy to do a weekly session with Beth! He’s a lovely young man, and very knowledgeable about what is needed so he’s going to start sessions every Friday morning. Beth has really missed her sessions and misses Mel terribly, as a trainer and as a friend. (We must catch up Mel!) Taylor is a gentle, nice man and I think would be an excellent fit for Beth. I must warn him though of her penchance for asking spunky young men out!

The other big thing is that Beth is going away this weekend! She’s going on a farm stay weekend, being picked up on Friday and dropped home on Sunday. We’re rather excited! It’s the start of giving her some time away from family. Hopefully it will be a positive experience. It sounds wonderful. She’ll be going horseriding amongst other things and there are lots of animals to see. I figured if we start off with 2 or 3 weekends a year she’ll start feeling a bit more adult and independant of me. I don’t know what the future holds housing wise yet but it’s a start to a scary prospect. For me at least! Have a great week everybody! xx

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