A success!

I was so nervous this weekend. Beth had her first weekend away since she was on primary school camp. It was a fair distance too, I came upon this organisation when my sister introduced me to her neighbours, and she lives 3 1/2 hours away! Beth and I went to visit though and we discussed with her if she wanted to try a couple of days stay there.

I think it’s a bit of an introduction to her not being at home. A fun one that I obviously wanted to be a positive experience. From all accounts it was.

Beth was picked up from home on Friday . I had already left for work and got a panicked phone call from Paul to say she’d left her phone behind. OMG! I was madly scrambling to find their number and he saw them pulling back¬†into the driveway! Disaster averted.

Saturday they were to go horseriding. I had my fingers crossed for good weather and luckily they got to go. Then some of the group went to the football. Beth politely declined when offered on the phone on Friday. Instead she went to a chocolatier which by all accounts went well. What a fabulous day, horses AND chocolate!¬† There’s lots of great photos that I’ll share too. Those of you on my social media will have seen them no doubt, I’m like a new mother oversharing her baby photos!

Today she fed a few of the animals before heading home. It’s such a lovely couple who run the retreat. I’ll pop a link on here for anybody wanting to check it out. Beth excitedly told me that she’s keen to go back, and also to some other places. I’ve had a look at a few a little closer so I’m so pleased that she enjoyed herself. It’s called Wattle Tree Country Retreat. Here’s a link to their facebook page too.

As for me, I felt a little lost without my girl! In a good way though. On a Saturday after work my youngest now comes to meet me so she can drive home and get some learners hours up. Usually I like to get home and see Beth but as she wasn’t home I didn’t have to rush and had a leg massage! Both Bill and Bridie were out last night and it was weird just having Paul and I home. And when I did think how nice it was, I had a pang of guilt for thinking that way! I think there will be more of these coming, it’s been good for both of us! I’ve popped in a photo of Beth’s new sloth earrings bought on her trip. First time we’ve changed them since she got them pierced!

Have a lovely week everybody! x

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