Late June

This year is flying by, again! Next week is half year school holidays and I have those 2 weeks off. It doesn’t mean the same as it used to in our house though. I remember when the kids were really little, hating school holidays! Having kids who need constant supervision yet like to be entertained was a bloody nightmare. I also remember that wI’d organise catchups with my friends just before the school holidays would start, and more often than not I’d have one or more of them sick. The time I desperately needed just wasn’t happening!

Then as they got older I really enjoyed it. When Beth was at Emerson for high school the trek to and from both schools was exhausting. I’d drop Bill and Bridie off at Menzies Creek, then drive to Dandenong, then back home, only to do the reverse in the afternoon. I worked out that on a full week it was 800 kms! But, you do what you do when you’re a mum hey! I loved holidays then, sleep in, or even wake early and have a cuppa in bed. It was a lovely time.

Now, I nearly have 3 grown ups. My spare time when not at work is getting Bridie’s learning hours up in the car and dealing with moody young adults and their wants and needs. Beth being the moodiest! Last Thursday Bill was doing some filming work, Bridie was at placement and Beth was at work and I thought, ‘wow, all my kids are at work!’ And I was on my way to work too. After all those years of being a stay at home mum, I’m absolutely loving going to work. I love having an extra income of course, to pay our skyrocketing bills, but I love the people I work with and the job I do! It’s so nice to be somewhere as me again instead of a mum or wife! These holidays will be different as Beth has one of the weeks off. Bridie is house sitting for 3 weeks but of course I’ll still be at her beck and call. And Bill will be doing whatever he does. Paul is working from home most of the time now so I’m hoping that he’ll be making appointments, I miss my alone time in the house!

Beth’s still being quite moody lately. She is still complaining of having a tummy ache so we’re finally getting an ultrasound next week to see if there’s anything going on. She does contribute to her ailments though. Hopefully she has a good day at work today. In the time it took for her to have breakfast and have a shower she informed me that her back was sore, her tummy was still sore and her ear hurt. Having a very flexible body doesn’t help and she gets herself in all sorts of positions when reading or on her tablet. We go to the osteo and I tell her to stop leaning on her hand while lying on the bed with the bottom half of her body practically going in the other direction! Her earache is from grinding her teeth. Her tummy isn’t helped by her position and her back is from the same. Her stock standard answer of a sigh and ‘I know’ doesn’t help because I know she knows what to do but putting it in practice is another thing. As a little bonus she told me that she’d been playing on her phone since 4am, said in an ‘I’m not well’ voice as though it would make me say she could have the day off! Not bloody likely my love, you’ve got next week off. After having the flu she only went back to work last Thursday too!

So, some of you may remember JASCHAT which was a you tube show I did with my friend Jo. She got some funding and is doing an information series on autism. I, of course, have my own episode! Here is a trailer to what it’s all about. If you don’t have facebook I can email it to you if you drop me a message. We’re looking to get it picked up for viewing so if anybody has any contacts I’d love to hear from you!

The other exciting thing is that I got Beth’s passport done last week. The place where she went for her weekend away is going to Bali for 8 days next year so she’s considering if she’s keen to go or not. I know she’d really like me to be there , and it is a long time. But they just got back after checking out some fabulous activities involving elephants and turtle island and hot mineral springs. It looks sensational! So I’m hoping that Beth decides to go! We also need the passport because I’ve finally decided instead of saying we’ll go to Disneyland one day , we should actually go! So I told Beth we’ll go in 2024. She’ll be turning 25 and, as we couldn’t do anything for her 21st it’s time we went to the most magical place on earth!

By the way, my emails have been stuffed around with the blog and I have been told they are fixed now so you will hopefully be getting them if you are subscribed. And if you’re not, why not?! Also, if you reply the messages will go through to my current inbox which hasn’t been happening either. Only took me 2 years to realise!

Here’s some photos of Beth at work with a bandicoot, walking a duck and cuddling a snake! Just another day in the office! xx


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