So…. Beth has been having problems with her tummy for ages. She’s had blood tests and on Tuesday I took her for a pelvic ultrasound and an abdominal ultrasound. She had to fast then drink heaps of water. She was such a trouper, bless her, she had no idea what it was all about. We discussed how the pelvic ultrasound would work and she wanted to give the internal one a try. I explained to the lovely (yet out of her experience with people like Beth, not her fault) young lady doing the ultrasound that Beth is a virgin and that if possible it would be better to do an outside one. She was in agreeance but Beth, in her going out of her comfort zone bravery, said she’d like to try. And she did try but then said that it hurt and she didn’t want to. Totally understandable. The girl just did more scans outside and said not to worry at all.

It turns out that they can’t see anything wrong so we’ll go to a gastroentologist (did I just make that up?!) or somebody to do with gut issues and see what else is going on. We then went to the osteo who did a lot of massaging of her tummy, thinking that there’s a type of blockage that has to move around more. So I’m massaging her tummy to make it move down. It’s not helped by Beth’s ridiculous positions that she lies down in, she’s like a contortionist as she’s incredibly flexible. While we were at the osteo explaining the ultrasound, Beth said “I think I lost my virginity!” meaning when they put the probe in a little bit. It’s so hard because I had no idea that she was thinking that! I reassured her that she hadn’t lost her virginity. I have no idea if she had been worrying about it, or really, what she had thought about it as she hadn’t said anything after the appointment. I of course told her I was proud for her trying and that it wasn’t a big deal that she couldn’t continue and that yes, it does indeed hurt!

We went to see Lightyear yesterday and Bill came along. Beth of course wore her Toy Story oodie which is why she wanted that one in particular. It was really good actually. I see a Socks the Cat toy being the next toy request! That’s popcorn in the side of her mouth btw!

Tomorrow we’re driving up to visit my sister in Maryborough. Beth loves us going away for nights together and they’ve got lots of animals for her to check out and walk around to visit. We may go and visit the farmstay place she went to for the weekend too, they’re just across the road! Have a great weekend everybody!

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