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Today didn’t start off fantastically. I had an osteo appointment at 9 and Beth decided to have a massive meltdown before I left. So my phone kept ringing and messages were being sent, all from her, while I was driving there. It wasn’t over anything in particular but it did involve the mum voice coming out. As in her screeching her questions at me and my voice coming back out of her mouth (rather deep now that I think about it) with the answer she wanted. It’s really hard not to be a total bitch in these situations. It doesn’t help anyway, believe me I’ve done it before! It just escalates her mood and makes me feel like shit afterwards. But oh my god, it’s awful at the time. I think it was because I’m going out for lunch with friends on Friday and she wants to come. We’ve had all sorts of appointments, that’s basically been my 2 week break, with a lovely night in Maryborough on the weekend. I want to finish it with something nice so having brunch with one friend Thursday and lunch with others on Friday. Beth says she’ll bring a book and be really quiet so I’ll have a think about it.

I took Beth to the movies yesterday, to see the new Minions movie. One when Gru is a little boy. It was quite good actually! Then we went and got our toenails done. I told her it’d be a special day for us so that I could go out unattended later in the week which worked a treat!

Today our lovely Ashleigh came to teach art. I joined in this time which was really nice. I haven’t done art for years and need to finish some artworks I had started, and fix one I had done that I didn’t like. It was really nice getting back into it and Beth seemed to enjoy me being there. She did a lovely colourful snake that she will finish off with patterns next time. I can see another calendar coming on! Dwight of course had to join in. He started off sitting on Beth’s drawings so in the end we suggested she just draw him!

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