A nice day out

Now that Beth is having art every fortnight we’re back in contact with our lovely Ashleigh. I thought I’d ask her if she was keen to take Beth out on some alternate weeks as we haven’t gotten anybody else for those outings since Caitlyn left.

Today was their first day outing and they went to Eastland because there is a library¬† there and it’s on the train line. I quite like them using public transport because it’s what Beth would do if she were able to go herself. I noticed yesterday (t’s where I work) that they have a mini beasts trail where they have to find the 4 mini beasts but I wasn’t sure exactly what it was. When Ash arrived this morning I suggested it might be nice to do and to maybe google it on the way on the train.

I went for my annual mri this morning (Don’t stress, just a follow up yearly appointment after my op¬† in 2016) and got a message with lots of lovely pictures of Beth with the ‘mini’ beasts! They’re huge! Very impressive to look at as they’re on the lower floor under where you can look from above. They had to find code words with each one, then went to the customer service desk and Beth got a stretchy lizard as a prize! I’m always so touched when adults do things like this instead of being sarcastic and asking why when she’s clearly a grown woman.

Beth also borrowed 13 books! Glad I suggested Ash take my old lady trolley that I use when I go to work! They are a very varied assortment with more of her favourite ‘…… for dummies’, such as beekeeping and feng shui. A few maths and algebra books then a Disney one or two! She does like her information books does my Bethie!

All in all she’s had a lovely day. So glad Ash is back. I think the week after next they may go into the museum.

Have a wonderful week everybody! xx


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