I’m very excited! And totally crazy! We’re getting Beth her very own puppy to raise as a therapy dog!

We went to visit my beautiful friend Dom on Wednesday because she has a lovely litter of labrador puppies that needed squishy cuddles. Beth has been asking and asking when we could see them and was really excited. So was I! It was silly of me to think that I’d go and not want one really! The lovely thing is that Dom and I have a history around dogs. We met at the park when Dom and her daughter Chantelle were playing with their gorgeous boy lab Zee. We were on the waiting list for Minka and we started talking about companion dogs as their boy was one too. I was also trying to pick Dom up for my autism support group! She fell in love with the breed and has had many over the years. So it’s a wonderful circle that has brought us around to our love of dogs and our amazing children who have autism!

Since our beautiful Minka passed away last year we have been talking about getting a therapy dog for Beth to help her with her meltdowns and with independance as, with some organisations, they can be trained to go on public transport also. It’s such a dream to think that Beth can come and meet me at work independently! We looked at various options. The thing that swayed me, besides the beautiful puppy smell and squishiness of them was the temperament of the mother. Georgie was just divine, such a beautiful natured girl and exactly the type of dog that would be perfect for Beth.

So we came home and chatted and finally convinced Paul that it’s a great idea to have 3 dogs in the house yet again! Beth knows that the new puppy is her responsibility. We’re going around on Wednesday to choose between 3 chocolate girls. I’m writing up a temperament checklist so that Beth has to look out for signs for a good therapy dog. I’m very excited that she will have this responsibility, I think it will be so good for her.

Right now though (we still have 3 weeks before we get her) our biggest decision is a name. Beth said Hazel to start with which I absolutely love, but now she’s looking at other options. Phyllis (The Office) or maybe Disney Princesses such as Bella (love) or Bold and Beautiful such as Brooke or Hope (not Sheila!) . I’m trying to steer her off of names I don’t like but ultimately it’s her choice. Like naming a baby, if there’s a name of a person that I don’t like it’s a big no!

Bridie had her last 2 wisdom teeth out yesterday and, while I was in the shop on the way home, she took the opportunity to go into the aquarium and buy herself a goldfish! So, new small tank and fishfood etc later we brought Sinatra home. Nicknamed Sinny by Beth. When talking puppy names last night Beth suggested Angelica. I said I wasn’t keen and asked where she got that name. Sinny suggested it apparently!

Here’s a couple of cute pup pictures. We get to choose on of these beauties to be my new fur grandbaby! As you can see by Beth’s smile, she’s in bliss with them all!

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