A great week!

We’ve had a lovely week! It’s been full of socialising for meĀ  which hasn’t happened for a long time. I feel like I’m coming out of a cocoon and wanting to see people again. Not that I didn’t want to see my friends, but I did find it easy to not see people during lockdown. I’m such a homebody that I really enjoy just being home with the family and watching tv and movies.

Being Beth’s mum has allowed me to accept the things about me that I have tried to change to adapt to what I think I should be like. I have never particularly liked going out at night much (except back in my younger drinking days to try and meet boys!) I found that I would get a tummy ache often and have to come home and I usually have to have something to settle my tummy first, even now. I have realised that it’s ok to say to people that I don’t like going out at night. I’ll explain my anxious tummy and now quite significant night blindness and nobody freaks and tells me I’m wrong. (I have amazing friends btw). That’s not to say that I don’t go out at night every now and again. And enjoy it. But, if given the option, I would choose daytime socialising.

This week I had lunch with an old friend (autism support group days), coffee the next day with good friends and an evening out last night. It was exciting last night because another good friend of mine (from our Jaschat days – you tube autism ) has put out a little documentary and I’m in it! It was the premiere last night and I walked in just as I was appearing on screen! The link is above on the word premiere if you’d like a squiz. I was worried that I might have foot in mouth on the screen but afterwards I had comments that they loved it because I am real and tell it like it is. If it gets picked up the series will be extended as they still have a lot of footage to go.

I also suggested that they do a little doco about our new therapy dog. We went to choose her on Wednesday. (another lovely day of socialising!) My gorgeous friend Dom, the current puppy owner, let us come and pick from 3 chocolate girls. Beth chose so well! The 3 were all gorgeous of course but Coco (how cute!) was the calmest and came over for lots of cuddles with Beth while the other 2 did their own thing. We had lots of noisy toys to see how she startled at loud noises and they didn’t bother her a bit. I even bought one of the farting pigs yesterday (just like yours Dom!) and a couple of other toys. I couldn’t get soft toys because young Miss Lola would pinch them! Here’s a couple of very cute photos. I did some videos but I’m a shit camera person! The good ones were taken by Dom.

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