Art class

We had a lovely morning this morning. Ash came to teach art class to Beth (and I) and they did some fabulous work. Beth did this very impressive picture of her Coco. I think it shall be the front page of her art calendar this year! She also did a groovy snake. And there’s a picture of her and Ashleigh working on their snakes.

Of course coming up to Christmas, it wouldn’t be a conversation without a Here Comes Christmas Candy Cane discussion! A few years ago Beth and Ash made one but I don’t think it matters how well they make it, it’s not magic so it’s not quite there! I think I need to write to the My Little Pony people and tell them that they need to put out some sort of toy to corroborate this thing that was in one of their episodes a zillion years ago!

Beth has decided that we need a Bambillo massage bed. She says they’re free, or so they say in the ad. I said it would be free delivery, or a set of free steak knives but that confused her as to why people in bed need steak knives! So I looked them up and explained that the first price I saw was over 5000 dollars so we’re absolutely not getting one!

We went to the doctors last Wednesday and we have an appointment in a couple of weeks with a new psychologist who specialises in obsessive behaviours in young ladies on the spectrum. I’m pretty excited! Hopefully they will be able to help us.

Hope you’re having a great week everybody! xx

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