Coco’s home!

Finally, we have Coco home! And what a whirlwind she is! She honestly is the most beautiful puppy though. The other dogs don’t think so yet but they’re warming to her. It’s not helped by her trying to suckle on them all the time!

We went to Dom’s to pick Coco up on Sunday at 12. And if I thought our house would be ready for a puppy I was totally wrong! Even today I am sorting the bottom shelves in the kitchen and bought bike straps for the laundry doors. At least it forces us to be clean for once!

The wonderful thing already is the positive influence it has had on Beth. When we went on Sunday I sat down with Dom to go over all the paperwork while Beth sat on the floor and played with Coco. Once we were home Coco was with Beth much of the time. I bought little steps so that she could climb up and down on the couch rather than jumping down and hurting herself. At one point I sat down on the couch (we have cup holders between our seats) and I picked Coco up for a cuddle and she climbed away from me to get to Beth! As it should be! So…. here’s some gorgeous Coco spam! x

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