Busy Times!

hello lovely people! I know I said I’d write more often but, bloody hell it’s been busy!  We’ve had so much going on. I worked full time for a few weeks which was great, but didn’t give me time to do things I love such as writing on here!

We’ve had a few things going on with Beth. We haven’t ended up going back to the psychologist we saw because we had a call the day before our next appointment to say that she was having an operation and would be out of action indefinitely. Understandable but still annoying, given that this would have been known about before we were taken on as a new client. And annoying because we both really liked her! Next year we shall try again and see if we can get somebody else or if she comes back, resume our sessions.

Beth’s moods haven’t been as bad as they were. Don’t get me wrong, she’s still having a go at Paul a lot about coughing and other noises but she’s not getting as worked up as she did and it’s not quite as frequent. I’ll take that as a win thank you very much!

As far as Coco is concerned, Beth is taking her ownership very seriously! Which has been wonderful. Coco sleeps in a crate next to Beth’s bed. This will be a) until I think she won’t wee in the house overnight and b) until I think she’ll stay on Beth’s bed instead of creeping in to ours. At this stage she enjoys coming in with us as the other dogs are usually in there at night. Beth comes out of her room about 10pm and calls ‘Coco, wee wee” and off she trots with Beth to go out for a wee, then Beth pops her in the crate for the evening. If she wakes in the night (before 5) Beth will take her outside and put her back in the crate but if after 5 she leaves her out and Coco will often come back in with us. I’m ok with that. After all, guide dogs are raised by completely different people for the first 18 months of their lives. Coco won’t start proper training until she’s speyed at about that age and it’s important that she’s a part of the family also. Plus, she’s so gorgeous with such a nice nature that I love cuddling her too!

It took a while for the other dogs to get used to her but she’s part of the family now. There’s something about labs, Minka was an amazing dog and now Coco is turning out to be too. We also got yet another kitten for Bridie. She sleeps downstairs in Bridie’s bedroom in the garage but when Bridie has been away I’ve been bringing her up to the house during the daytime. I won’t tell you how many we have now but it’s a few! So I’m sharing photos of Beth with the animals, a few at work, and some of us when we went to Santa’s magical kingdom last week! Oh and of the lovely reindeer Beth got this morning when we had our pedicures this morning. The girls are lovely with Beth and were very happy to do them for her!

Have a wonderful Christmas everybody! Let’s hope 2023 will be a year of happiness and health (with a little bit of wealth and fame thrown in please!) xxx



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