It’s a new year!

Happy New Year everybody! A bit late but it’s sort of still New Year!

There’s lots of exciting things on the horizon for this year that I’m really looking forward to.

I know that I’ve touched on the fact that Beth is going to Bali. Well it’s next month! She’s going mid February and we’re both really excited. We have the itinerary and I have to say, I’m pretty jealous! Chelsea is the lady who has organised it and I spoke with her last week at length. The things they are doing sound amazing. The place they’re staying in has a villa for the girls and a villa for the boys. Each with their own private pools. There’s a trip to a day spa planned, a half day playing in the mud with the elephants and a day at a water park, all things Beth will absolutely love. (and so would I!) Then there’s things such as releasing baby turtles into the ocean at sunset, eating down by the beach and daily massages if desired. Which is of course a hell yes! Chelsea will be with Beth most of the time and she loves to do them anyway so it’s a win win. The biggest challenge will be the last day when they’re all booked in to get tattoos! Beth has chosen a Mini Mouse one. I didn’t think she’d ever get one. And she may not yet. I asked Chelsea how much so I know what we stand to lose if she changes her mind at the last minute! So, the important things have been asked. Medicine, numbing cream, weetbix availability and charger adaptors for phones and tablets!

The other exciting thing (hopefully) is that we went to see a doctor who specialises in medical cannabis today. He was very good actually and local. I have been wanting to try it for a while for Beth because of her obsessions and her anxieties. As it is illegal in Bali we won’t be trying her on it until after she gets back, but I have the script to be ready when she’s home. Her behaviours all stem from her anxieties and I’ve heard fantastic reports but have been waiting for it to become more mainstream in Australia. For all I know it may have the opposite effect, as did the Phenergan when we went on a long plane trip years ago. Or the homeopathy that had the same problem. So, fingers crossed! If it works I’m hoping to reduce the medication she is on, natural would be a wonderful way of dealing with her anxieties.

So… here’s a couple of photos of Beth at work and one of the 2 of us in the spa on the weekend. Have a wonderful week! xx

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