She’s in Bali!!!!!

So it’s Monday the 20th of February. Beth left last Monday and I planned on updating every day with photos as I had the week off. Chelsea (who she went with) has kindly sent me daily photos and had lots of lovely things planned including blog writing while Beth was having a wonderful time. I got Monday in with a trip to IKEA with Bridie and a Japanese dinner. Then I woke up on Tuesday feeling crap. And tested positive to covid! Bloody hell! I was clearly too excited about having some downtime! So spend most of this week in bed. Getting better just in time to go back to work today!

So… a rundown of Bali. There are a heap of photos, not in order but there are 20. They’ll just be on the bottom of this post, as usual.

The trip started off pretty well. Beth was up at 3am! to get to the airport and flew out at 10. They were of course all fairly buggered when they got there and had fish and chips for dinner and an early night. In fact most nights so far Beth has had fish and chips! She won’t try any of the yummy things on offer no matter how much they tried. I do know she had meatballs and chips at a Greek restaurant and spaghetti bolognaise and chips at another meal.

Beth isn’t keen on sharing her people and she’s also not terribly keen on others with disabilities, things that she showed early in the peace. Which really worried me. It seems though that she’s getting a tad better. She just wanted to stay home a lot of the time and play on her phone. So they developed schedules for her and she was ok with them because she knew times.

The activities that they have done include a water adventure park. Beth did a river sail then didn’t do it again because she’d already done it. And didn’t want to swim there because they had a pool at their villa so why would she bother swimming there! They had a spa day booked for 3 hours but she didn’t want to do anything but have a bath. She did however enjoy having massages at other times! She had a pedicure and got her legs massaged, and a full body (not the naughty bits) massage. They went to wash elephants down, scrub them with mud then wash them down again. They went shopping and Beth bought a lovely new outfit, seen in the pictures. And…… Beth got a minnie mouse tattoo yesterday! I know tattoos aren’t for everybody but for me it’s a bravery thing. And others her age (and her sister) have tattoos, I wanted her to do something normal!

Bit by bit she got out of her comfort zone, started talking to others more, did more, participated with others more. I’m so bloody proud of her! She’s home tomorrow morning. I will be working the full day but I’m looking forward to seeing her when I get home. And then we start her on the medical cannabis! I’ll keep you all posted on that! Here are the millions of photos I have so far! xx


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