She’s a cheeky bugger

Beth has been speaking so well lately but with that has come some very cheeky moments. I mentioned how she was asking Deb and Helen if they had birthday presents for her. She’s been doing it with Easter Eggs all week too.

Yesterday we went to her cousin’s house. Peter and his wife Kate moved into their new house a couple of months ago and we hadn’t had a chance to visit yet. As Uncle Frank was down for Easter we decided that we’d pop down for a visit on the Monday. I picked up Bev, and Paul picked up John and Uncle Frank and off we all set. Bev sat in the front of the car where Beth usually sits when I drive but I didn’t realise how put out she was until later. We had a lovely afternoon. I love looking at new homes to get ideas for when our house is built, that’s the exciting part for me, looking at colour schemes and tiles. When it was time to leave Beth spotted the big Easter egg that Uncle Frank had given Kate. I knew she had because I saw her zoom towards it, saying in a very loud voice “thanks Kate for saying that this easter egg is for me!” I quickly interjected, saying that no, it was Kates egg and she couldn’t have it.

When we got outside to go Beth started to get most annoyed that not only had we brought Grandma in our car but that we then had to take her home too. Beth made a pretend phone call to the taxi company. “Hello Mr Taxi Driver, it’s Beth O’Connor here. I’d like to order a taxi to take my Grandma home please as I don’t want her in our car on the way home. 5 minutes? Yes, that would be wonderful, thankyou!” She then looked at Bev and told her that she’d have to wait for the taxi. Luckily Bev knows what Beth’s like. Of course we did end up taking her home.

Today we went to my Uncle Peter and Aunty Margaret’s house. First thing I saw was Beth with an Easter Egg saying that Margaret had given it to her. It seems that she really did but I can never be sure with Beth, she does make up stories to cover her arse! We love going to visit there because Margaret always remembers their favourite foods and drinks and buys them in for them. I get to sit and drink coffee and eat and the kids run around or watch dvds so it’s always nice and relaxing. We usually try to get there at least once every school holidays, both of them work on weekends so it’s the only time we get to catch up. They are my only biological family in Australia as I was born in the UK so it’s always nice to catch up for myself as well as the kids. And I set Margaret up on to Facebook so now I can be in contact even more!

The kids all got sent home with giant easter egg packs which were eaten before we even got onto the freeway, thank goodness Easter is finally over! I can’t believe I’m finally saying that I’m over chocolate. (Until next week at least!)

Tomorrow we’re off to see How to Train your Dragon with Will. Thursday Paul has off as we have Sensational Kids. Everybody has been saying how well Beth’s been communicating lately so I always look forward to how well Beth’ll do at her next session. I’ll keep you posted. xxx

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