A lovely development

Beth has been on the medical cannabis for just over a week. The doctor said it can take a month to see any effect at all and we’re slowly upping the dose so at this stage she is only on 5mg twice a day which will go up to 10mg twice a day by the end.

Beth’s still been ratty with Paul in the evenings and still tells him he needs to go to the doctors, to bed, to work somewhere else, to have a bath. It’s going to be a huge habit to break. Last night however we had a bit of a breakthrough!

I was having sleepovers with Beth once a week until about a year ago. It was usually a Thursday and we’d watch Gogglebox together. Last week we watched it on catchup because for some reason The Office went until 9pm and she has to watch that. Even though she’s seen it 3 million times. And has the box set…. Anyway, we didn’t watch it last week while it was on.

Last night it came on while Paul and I were watching tv in bed, (yes I go to bed really early to watch telly!) and Gogglebox came on. Beth was up going to the toilet so I asked if she fancied coming in and watching it with us. She started off saying no, that we had to watch it on catch up but I said ‘well it’s on now and you’re not watching anything so I’d rather watch it now.’ And she did! Not without some things of course such as Paul couldn’t fart (I of course can fart whenever I want), and not putting his feet near her (I get that one, I hate feet!). She kept looking over at him and whenever she did I touched her hand and said how proud I was of how good she was being. And I absolutely was! Not a big thing for many but a huge thing for us. I have told her that her new medicine will mean that she won’t be as worried about dad anymore and that her anxiety will lessen. So a bit of mind over matter too, just in case it doesn’t actually work! I’ll let you know of any further developments! xx

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