Some sad news

We’ve had a muddled up time recently for Beth and she’s all over the place mood wise. The week before last my beautiful sister in law passed away after a 20 month battle with brain cancer. She tried really hard to stay with us but in the last few months her health declined rapidly and we lost her. Kath was a lovely lady, she was my husband’s older sister. She lived down by the beach, really close, so sometimes we would go down and have fish and chips and take the dogs down to the beach. We had many Christmases there too. She always asked about the kids and was a fantastic aunty. Here’s a couple of photos of her with Beth at her first communion. Beth’s naughty cousin is doing rabbit ears in one of them!

The funeral was on Monday . We had upped the calming aspect of Beth’s medical cannabis which meant we could go back down to 3mg of the oil as it makes it a bit stronger. We were told to do 3 to 5 and as we had done 5mg over the weekend thought it would be fine. But Beth said she felt dizzy. We still persevered, she didn’t particularly want to go. I didn’t think it was the medicine as while we were there she was particularly annoying, saying her arm was sore, her tummy was sore, she had an earache and, when Bridie tried to take her outside, told her not to because she would catch the flu! She was a real pain in the arse! Not through the service though, she was perfect then. She didn’t want to go to the burial so we walked across to the cafe and had nice hot drinks which I thought would appease her. For some reason she was really restless at the wake though which is where all of her whingeing began. I had a stern word to her and told her she had to behave better and to stop giving her dad a hard time (again) as it was his sister’s funeral day. Our friend Glenn was there and looked at me in horror! Said he nearly sat down and shut up he was so scared! Didn’t make any difference though, Beth just kept on Bething!

Yesterday was a normalish day, I went back to work but went to a work dinner but Beth was at home. Then this morning after her medication she tells me she’s dizzy again. So I’m thinking I’ll go back to the lower dose in the morning and see how she goes with the nighttime dose.

Beth has been going out a little bit with Bridie’s friend Amahle which has been lovely. Last week they went to the local swimming pool then got Macdonalds for lunch on the way home. Here they are in the pool!

Next week is Beth’s 24th Birthday! I’m a bit sad as it falls on a Wednesday and usually my day off is a Wednesday but I’m working full time next week. So I’ve organised Amahle to take Beth to the zoo, and Bridie will go too. She’s pretty happy with that. We can have her favourite pizza for dinner and I’ll buy her a cake or donuts for afters. I’ve bought her a few books. She loves those for dummies books so I’ve bought her an anatomy one (she loves all that stuff) and a speaking French one, seeing as I’ve told her we’ll go to France and Paris Disneyland next year (if we have the money!) She can do the French speaking for us, she’ll know it well by then knowing her! I also asked her to send me a list of what she wanted. This is her texts, one by one!

the bloody adjustable massage bed keeps popping up in conversations. They’re about $10000 (but wait there’s more!) and she keeps asking for one! It’s nearly as bad as her obsession with a here comes Christmas Candy Cane from one My Little Pony episode from years ago! Some are doable, some are just not!

Have a lovely week everybody, speak soon! xx

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