Beth is 24!!!!!

Beth turned 24 on Wednesday! It’s been a weird week. Last weekend was exhausting for all of us. On Saturday night Beth’s meltdowns were out of control. Usually she cracks it with Paul for a while, telling him the usual, go to bed, go to the doctors, have a bath. Anything to get him out of the lounge room. Last week it just didn’t stop though. Then she was up until after midnight. Paul says 4am, Beth says midnight so I’d say somewhere in between. She has the tv on really loud as well as playing music on her tablet. So he went in to tell her to go to sleep and the whole “I’m an adult, I can do what I want” came out. Usually it calms down after peaking but she woke up on Sunday in the same mood and it went on most of the day. This has never happened before. I wasn’t very nice I must admit because basically I’d had enough. In the end she talked me in to having a spa and it was the best thing for both of us. In tears to begin with we both calmed down and talked about it and felt much better afterwards.

I had a phone appointment with the doctor, panicking a bit because he has said that the cannabis oil can have the opposite effect of calming and, as we’ve had that happen before with homeopathy I was worried it had again. He said that at this stage she is on such a low dose that that wouldn’t happen but to decrease the morning and stick to the higher dose for the evening. The rest of the week has been pretty uneventful as far as tantrums are concerned so I’m hoping it’s not that because it’s something I’ve pinned my hopes on for years! If it is though so be it, we’ll deal with it another way!

I have been looking at a fabulous personal trainer who has aspergers and has devised a program that works on what issues you are having and how to help the individual. I will contact him, I do have the forms to fill in and send him but there’s been so much going on it just hasn’t happened yet.

So, Beth’s birthday was Wednesday. I had been asked to work a full week meaning that I wouldn’t be home for it for the first time in forever! I organised Bridie and Amahle to take Beth wherever she wanted to go and she chose Chesterfield Farm, an old favourite. She likes to visit the camels, she says I’m their cousin. She doesn’t seem to get she’s related to me! Unfortunately the weather was pretty revolting but I think she still had a good time. Especially as they had kfc and Maccas desserts afterwards! She had La Collina, her favourite pizza. And chocolate mousse. We will go and have lunch with Grandma and Grandpa tomorrow and she can have a cake then. We would have done on Wednesday but I dont’ get home til nearly 6 and the Middle is on at 6 so we couldn’t possibly go out after that! I got quite a lot on her birthday list. Note the green top she is wearing, she asked for something green! She also asked for m@ms and I got her a tub. She kindly offered them to us on Thursday night as we watched Gogglebox by saying ‘would you like some of my birthweek m@ms?’ I don’t know where she gets the celebrating all week from…..

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