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Sorry to my regular readers, there was a problem with sending emails yet again! I guess it’s a problem I’ll have from time to time, my blog is a few years old now and has a few issues. I had a lovely lady fix it for me this time so I’m hoping that it won’t happen again!

We’ve had a few good weeks with Beth. While behaviourally she is still carrying on a little regarding Paul and his noises, she’s calmed down somewhat. What would often turn into a meltdown can be, on occasion, stopped before the tantrum hits it’s peak. I find if I am positive instead of negative about it all it works better. So if she starts trying to tell him it’s time to go to bed or that she’ll run him a bath, I’ll call her in and say ‘don’t spoil it, you’ve been so good lately’ and she can calm down. Sometimes! I will say things such as how yes, the noises can be really annoying and I’m so pleased with how she’s ignoring it even though it’s hard for her. At times she’ll still carry on, at times she’ll take a deep – being brave – breath and say ‘I know I’ve been really good, I’ll really try.’ Sometimes it works, sometimes he just really pisses her off!

One of the big differences I have noticed is her willingness to go to work. Before she was always saying she didn’t feel well. Like when she didn’t want to go to school, the coughing or the moaning would start days before she was due to go back, in preparation for the big performance on the day! Now we’ll talk about what she’s going to do the next day and she’s fine! So, I think maybe the medical cannabis is working? She’s on a fairly low dose I believe so will go back to the doctors in the next few weeks. I think slow and steady is good right now.

We’ve booked in for Beth to have another weekend with Wattle Tree in September. Let’s hope I don’t get covid for the whole weekend again like I did when she went to Bali! We’ve also got Interchange coming out to meet her, they have opened up their books again for one on one support so I’m excited that she’ll be doing more soon. I’m also thinking of taking her to see Mary Poppins again! It’s finishing next month and she’s been asking to go but I had said no. Now I think it’ll be nice to do it before it finishes, especially as she’s asked. I’m excited, we loved it last time!

Here’s a few photos of Beth at work. She seems to have her eyes shut in most of them but hey, that’s Beth! Have a wonderful week everybody! xx 


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