A new friend

Beth has a new friend to take her out on Tuesdays. She’s a lovely young lady called Ellie. We met her last week at a meet and greet to see if they would be suitable for each other and they were! Yesterday was the first time that they ventured out and they went to one of Beth’s favourite places – Chesterfield Farm. We’ve been going there for many years. Beth believes that one of the camels that lives there is my cousin and tells me that each time she goes. She doesn’t seem to see the connection that it means that she’s also related to him! I think if we were younger we’d move to the country, I grew up with lots of farm animals and I know Beth would love that. We’d like to eventually retire by the beach though, near where our friends live, so we missed that boat unfortunately. We’ll have to make do with visits to family. I must admit, I do miss our goat and chooks though! Here’s some photos that Ellie took. As you can probably tell from her work photos she’s a bit of an animal whisperer. Here she is feeding the goats, my cousin, a donkey and some sort of bird – a peacock I think!


Here’s a couple of photos of Beth at work from the last week. She seems quite taken with the lizards and I think her smile is just gorgeous in them so wanted to show you my gorgeous girl. Maybe we could still squeeze in some lizards at home, though the cats might be too painful!

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