Library, giant swing and fish and chips!

Beth had a nice day out with Ellie yesterday. They went to the library, one of Beth’s favourite places to go! Then they went to the park where Beth had a go on one of those giant round swings. A bit too much it seems as she then felt sick. I should have thought, she sometimes makes herself sick by overdoing things that can make her dizzy. Then (and Ellie told me this) they sat in the car and ate fish and chips while listening to Smooth FM! The only radio station that ANYBODY is allowed to listen to when Queen Elizabeth is in the car! Ellie is great, she let me know that they’re going to work on shutting the car door appropriately as Beth tends to slam it. I admit, I do a lot for her and often will run around and open and shut the door, simply because I’m worried about her a) slamming the door into the car next to us and b) her walking out in front of the car. We do have a handicapped car pass so I’ll give it to Ellie to use when she has Beth.

I’ve also just signed Beth up for an employment service. I thought it would be nice to try and find her an assisted job one day a week. Maybe in a supermarket? I’d like to try and integrate her into mainstream society a little more. Mainly because she enjoys her time more in mainstream situations. She’s have to have somebody with her to stop her from sitting on the floor/reading the magazines for sale / eating the chocolate / watching dvds etc. Just put in any store and imagine it! I think once she learnt she would be excellent at her job but she needs the ground rules and guidance to do it efficiently. Our of all my kids, she’s the one who does her jobs really well, because I write it all out step by step first for her. She does these steps then eventually knows exactly what to do. I still write her task lists for her which she ticks off. If anybody else tries to add to this she generally won’t allow it because I didn’t write it. Or, if anybody asks her to do something not on the list she’ll say no because it’s not on there! It’s a work in progress…..

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