Cruising along

We’ve had a busy yet quiet time of late. Busy just because we’ve had work and home and stuff in between! Quiet because for a nice change there hasn’t been a lot going on.

Beth hasn’t changed much obsession wise since starting on the cannabis oil. This has really disappointed me actually as I have been thinking and talking about it for years now. She doesn’t seem to be particularly happy a lot of the time and it makes me feel so sad for her. We have talked about changing things around, and she says she doesn’t want to leave where she is working. But when she talks of her friends there it’s always the ones who run it all, never the other participants. She’s at that frustrating middle part, she doesn’t like to be with other people with disabilities but isn’t able to work unsupervised or unaided in the mainstream world, for want of a better word. So she’s stuck in the middle. I’m sure it would seem ableist to some, and maybe it is, but I think she sees it as why should she have to be with people just because the all have a disability. What have they got in common if anything? Sadly they all seem to get along famously, judging from all their photos posted on the work page. Beth isn’t in many of the photos, maybe because she’s so solitary at times.

Beth’s days out with Ellie have been nice. Last week they went to a local swimming pool then had lunch. Lots of adjustments to be made though. I checked her bank account to see how much money she had and she had spent quite a bit on food. Things that she normally doesn’t have such as an extra drink at McDonalds for afters and a muffin. On top of a cake for morning tea! Then she felt quite ill in the afternoon. I guess it’s a taste of freedom and about making wise choices! I told her this week I’d prefer she had a morning tea snack or drink and a one course lunch! They ended up at the pancake parlour and sounds like lunch was yummy! They also went to bounce/jump – one of those trampolining places. Ellie said that Beth was a bit quiet and she did play on her phone a bit. I’ve had a word to Beth as she’s at home a lot and can do that then. I want her to be present when she’s out on an outing! Next week I’ll talk to Ellie about taking her to the museum as there’s something special on I think. Happy for her to be on her phone for a bit if she’s travelling, just not all the time!

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