The Powerpuff Girls get their periods

Ok folks I’ve pretty much finished my social story. Tried to copy it onto here but it didn’t work so if you want to have a squiz click on here and you can see it for yourselves. Sorry for those who think it’s a bit graphic but unfortunately that’s what we’re dealing with here. I hope it sinks in cos otherwise I have no idea what I’m going to do!

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Mother of an autistic child wanting to write about my personal experiences
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2 Responses to The Powerpuff Girls get their periods

  1. Natalie says:

    Thank god I have a boy and won’t have to deal with THAT aspect of puberty…. The aggression and erections scare me but at least boys tend to develop a bit later than girls (please please please please please). My sons’ psychologist is already starting to discuss puberty and I really would like to cover my ears and scream “la la la la la”. Aidan has Aspergers and turns 11 this year.

  2. Sarah says:

    I know it comes about all too quickly doesn’t it. You might have to write a social story about Ben 10 getting an erection if he doesn’t deal with it well! Though at least for boys, horrible as it sounds, it is a nice experience, not for the poor girls though. Beth’s moods are pretty horrible already, and if your son is nearly 11, look out!

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