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It’s a gorgeous sunny day for the first day of winter. I’ve had a lovely day so far with my big girl. It’s amazing what relief does for you! There was no Speech Therapy today because Rod and his wife had a new baby last week. We decided to still go to see Whiskas (not her real name) because Beth really gets a lot out of their sessions and she wouldn’t have been happy trading her special day for a day at school. This meant that we had an hour to kill before our 11am appointment.

Beth needed new runners and she had saved up her pocket money and wanted to buy some dvds. Bridie had also saved up her pocket money and wanted me to buy her the Rapunzel doll from the Disney movie. We popped in to Stud Park with the thought that we’d do a spot of shopping followed by a cappuccino and hot chocolate.

Firstly to my amazement all the things I wanted to buy were in stock and easy to find. Beth picked Open Season 2 and Beauty and the Beast. She’s been watching clips of a lot of the earlier Disney movies so she’s now got a wider range that she wants to see. We got the Rapunzel doll easily too. Beth decided that for the first time she wanted to buy runners with shoelaces. They did have some with velcro surprisingly as she’s a size 9 in womens. (The same as me). But no, she wanted the ones with laces. Now I have to teach her how to do them! I know it’s something I should have done a long time ago but you know what it’s like, whatever is easiest with these kids sometimes. We then went to donut king where we ordered our hot drinks. Beth exclaimed that her donuts were fabulous (which they were) and I taught her how to rip the sugar packets without spilling them. I know, I know, small things and all that but I was chuffed that she did the second one herself. She plopped her marshmallows in and drank her hot choccy like a pro. We chatted a bit as she read the back of her dvds to me, telling me who was like who in other disney movies. I even managed to get in a bit about the new school when I explained that they do music lessons and singing. She told me that she wanted to learn the trumpet. Terrific. That’s what I get for encouraging my children! We then headed off to Sensational Kids.

Beth had a good session. It was reported that she used her imagination well as well as her usual sense of humour. They discussed where Beth would like to go and who she would take with her. She picked her girlfriends from school and wanted to go to Disneyland. When asked how she would get there she said on a flying carpet! She cracks me up! She said it would cost $24 to get there. Disneyland anyone?

We finished it off with a drive through at McDonalds. Beth’s watching Beauty and the Beast now. It’s been such a nice day. I didn’t realise how consumed I was in this whole high school thing. I know I have been stressed about it but I feel so happy today. On previous Sensational Kids days I’ve enjoyed spending my one on one time with Beth but it’s always been a bit bittersweet, thinking how innocent she was and how the hell was she going to cope with high school. Today though I felt positive about the future and so happy to have found such a haven for her.

I had a laugh yesterday. I was at Bec’s house and our friend Bree was there. I was saying that as parents we half live in ‘our’ world and half in the world of autism. How when I went to see Emerson it was like going onto an island of Beths. How I hoped that Beth would heave a sigh of relief at being somewhere where she belongs and is an equal with others. Bree said “It’s a bit like they’re talking to Telstra.” I asked what she meant and Bree explained that she had been on the phone to Telstra the week before for ages. She would explain something and they would come back with something totally unrelated. She’s be taken aback and try to explain her situation again only to get a similar answer. She said that must be what it’s like for kids with autism. Nobody understands what they mean and they don’t understand what others mean. A bit like being dumped in a foreign country. I had to laugh, what a good analogy!

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  1. Michelle says:

    So glad you are having a great week and everything is falling into place 🙂

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