Beth and Emerson

I took Beth along for a visit to Emerson today. As she has issues with talking about the future I thought it was best sooner rather that later to show her where she’ll hopefully be going so that she doesn’t get anxious about the unknown. Where originally I thought I’d let her check out the schools with me and make a decision, after seeing Emerson I decided that no, the decision was mine and Paul’s to make, not hers. With that in mind I told her this morning that we were going to visit her new high school for next year this afternoon. She seemed fine about it.

As it was quite short notice Paul couldn’t come along so I took the next best thing – his parents Bev and John. They seemed as keen on it as I am. Beth seemed to feel right at home as soon as we got there. We were a bit early as it only took us 25 minutes to get there. I’m a real worry wart about being on time so we were there ten minutes early. Beth spent that time reading the kids names on a whole school photo board. Rod was the man that we saw last time and he showed us around again. Beth was happy to meet him and have him lead the way. Everything Rod asked her she answered positively. For example he asked if she likes cooking and she exclaimed “I love cooking.” We also got an “I love art,” and “I love computers.” When we got to the “I love woodwork” I knew that she was bunging it on as she’s never done woodwork! She was like a kid who knows the right thing to say when getting a birthday present! She did seem to genuinely like the place and to my relief didn’t say anything about the kids with different coloured skin. We are from a predominantly anglo area so it’s good that Emerson is more multicultural.

When we finished we asked what our chances are for getting in. Rod told us that they get about 90 applicants each year and about 30 of them get in. Also, they don’t do the year 6/7 review until 4th term. I want to know now! I did ask if Beth being a girl would go in our favour. Rod said that they were wanting to have a more girl/boy ratio as at the moment it’s about two thirds boys. Of course she has to ‘fit’. Really as far as I’m concerned they have to accept her! I’ll put in an application form next week and one to Heatherwood also just in case. Fingers crossed!

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