I took all three kids to the dentist yesterday. I felt very brave as going to the dentist has been my biggest phobia ever since I can remember. My babies were so good!

I had been to the doctors and spoken with them about a scheme through enhanced primary care with Medicare. It’s a special dental scheme and if your child has issues with their teeth because of their condition or disability then you can get a referral to a dentist under it and get approximately $4000 of dental work for free. Beth had lots of problems when she was younger and had to go to the dental hospital for work so I was anticipating a similar thing. She grinds her teeth so some of her top ones are quite small. The dentist commented on this but said she was probably too young for crowns. The only other things were two fillings that need doing. She cleaned Beth’s teeth for her and said as Beth was so well behaved she didn’t think that the fillings would be a problem. We’re going back in a week and a half. Bev (my mother in law) came with me and took Beth off for teeth xrays while the dentist saw Bill and Bridie. Bev said Beth was excellent with this also even though it was an awkward thing to do. Bill and Bridie went well too with Bridie needing to get seals on her back teeth.

When I went to pay I suggested that perhaps we didn’t do it through the enhanced primary care scheme after all as hardly any work had to be done. The receptionist told me that the scheme is finishing at the end of this year so if you’re reading this and contemplating using the scheme I’d talk with my doctor about it now. The dentist was so lovely that I’ve made an appointment to go and see her myself next Wednesday. I’m already having palpitations!

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before but Beth loves a show on ABC2 in the mornings called Giggle and Hoot. There’s a man (Jimmy Giggle) and an owl (Hoot). They present some of the kids shows at various times of the day but we watch the morning one between eight and eight thirty. They have what’s called a giggle gallery where kids send in pictures they have done. Beth did a picture earlier in the year and sent it in and we watched and watched it to see if it would be shown. After quite a while I told Beth that it probably wouldn’t be on and that she should do another picture. As you write the child’s age (this doesn’t get shown on tv) I thought that they may look at the picture from a 12 year old and think it wasn’t very good. This time I sent a letter with the picture explaining our situation and telling them how much it would mean to Beth to see her picture on tv. Well Beth got a card from ABC yesterday to tell her that her picture would be on this Monday 18th July at 8.30am! She’s so excited. It actually finishes at 8.30 so if anybody wants to see it I would put ABC2 on at 8.20ish.

We’re off to Catriona’s today, my friend who has the house in Inverloch wher we visited in the last school holidays. She’s moved into a new house in Emerald so we’re off to check it out. Beth quite fancies her boy Jose who has aspergers. He’s totally unaware of this which is probably a good thing as Beth can flutter her eyelids and blow kisses to her hearts content and he couldn’t care less! She’s turning into quite the flirt. We’re surviving the holidays well, keeping busy works. Paul has Wednesday onwards off. Beth and I have Sensational Kids tomorrow so I’ll write more then. xxx

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