Second appt at naturopath

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Beth’s been so good the last few days, dare I hope that the allergy elimination is actually working? I haven’t asked at school how she is going but at home she’s been speaking better and her moods have been excellent for the most part.

We had swimming last night and it’s the best that Beth’s ever swum. Caprice was so happy with her and we were both amazed at how well she did. Caprice teaches her to do her strokes one arm at a time to perfect that arm. She then does the other arm on the next lap. Beth was making huge ‘bubbles’ with her feet. Usually she’s pretty slack about her feet but last night she was powering up and down the pool. She got to do lots of diving for the stick-up animals last night, as well as lots of somersaulting and bombs at the other end of the pool. Caprice is fabulous with her, if she doesn’t give it her all she doesn’t get a reward. It’s paying dividends big time with Beth really listening to her and doing what she should.

We then went back to the naturopath after swimming. I spoke to the lady there about putting them in the blog and she was all for it. It’s the Natural Healing Centre and the lady that we are seeing is called Nerida James. Beth was found last week to be allergic to vitamin B so we tested for that again to start with. It was better than last week but there was still a bit of weakness in my arm. Nerida got the vials of the individual B vitamins and held my arm, touching them all herself. I asked her how she knew that it was Beth and not me who was allergic and she said that it’s the person on the end of the line that it tests. As Nerida was touching them and holding me and I was in turn holding Beth this meant that Beth was the one being tested. It was found that the 3 individual vitamin B ones that were weak were biotin, folic acid and B6. She then tested Beth for sugar which was very weak as Nerida had suspected. Beth then held all 4 vials and Nerida did the treatment, tapping her on the back as she breathed in various ways. Once again she was tested via me and voila, my arm was strong again. I honestly don’t know how it works but hey, who cares, as long as it does.

Beth’s diet last night and today was even more limited than last time as not only were we eliminating the vitamin B again but also any sugars. This means that she can have white rice, white flour and fish and chips. We had fish and chips again for dinner last night and I was trying to think of a way to break it to her that this morning she had to have a bowl of plain rice. In the end I decided that she could have hot chips then too as I didn’t want it to be like a punishment. All the kids had them and thought it was such a treat. She went to school with some plain chips for morning tea and fish and chips for lunch again that her teacher said she would heat up for her. Unfortunately she couldn’t have any fruit at fruit time or any juice but by the time dinner comes around she’ll be able to eat normally again.

I told Nerida that Beth’s moods had been fantastic and she said that they’ll be even better with the sugars as both the vitamin B and sugars are mood stabilizers. Once again this made me want to get myself tested as I get dreadful moods at times. Nerida said this will be the worst of the elimination as far as diet it concerned. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how well Beth has taken to it, she was really looking forward to going there last night. Maybe in herself she is feeling better even though she can’t explain it. We’re back there on Saturday so looking forward to seeing what that testing brings up.


Been flat out

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Sorry I haven’t been on for a couple of days, I wanted to put a post after going to the Naturopath but haven’t had a chance. Yesterday I was out all day. We had a luncheon at school for the wonderful integration aides and I asked if I could help set it up and make a dessert. We really are very lucky at our school, the aides are fabulous and there’s a lot of communication back and forth to make it a real group effort to work out what’s best for our kids. I ended up blubbering again as I wanted to say thanks to all the staff for how great they’ve been with Beth. I spoke to Bec afterwards and we were laughing at the fact that they must think we’re total head cases, every time we discuss our kids we end up crying! As I pointed out to Bec though, she does hers in private, mine was in front of the whole staff! Oh well, at least they know it comes from the heart.

We’re having a trivia night on Saturday at school so in the afternoon I was chasing up prizes for that. My house looks like a bomb has hit it so today is dedicated to catching up on writing and cleaning my house. Anyway, back to the Beth news.

It’s strange going to see practitioners that you’ve never had anything to do with. Several people had suggested that I go to see this naturopath as I have been saying for a while now that the next step is an allergist. I’ve never been good with health or body issues. I was a heavy smoker and a heavy drinker til I gave up both and I eat what I want, clearly the reason why I keep mentioning Weight Watchers! I’ve never been aware of what’s really going on with my body, I just know when I’m sore and tired or grumpy. I know what is good food to eat but not in what combinations, and I’ve never been up on additives or what’s good or bad for you in packets or tins. It’s just not been a priority for me before. Therefore I find it difficult to understand when talking about which parts of food are which vitamins and what they do for your body, I just tend to zone out and say “hey tell me what to do and I’ll do it!”

As was the case with Richard Malter, the way of assessing for allergies is a bit ‘way out there’ but I saw first hand how it worked. Rather than the pulling the fingers apart which we did with Richard, this one is based on the arm being straight out in front of you. I worked as a ‘surrogate’ for Beth in that I held Beth’s hand and put my own arm out straight. Beth would hold a vial of something and I would have my arm as strong as I could. (I haven’t checked to see if I can use their name in the blog so I shall call the therapist ‘allergy lady’ until I get permission!) Allergy Lady would try as hard as she could to push my arm down. If she couldn’t then it meant that Beth wasn’t allergic. If she could then it meant she was. Sounds simple? Sounds wacky? Both of the above, but it worked.

There is an order that they do the testing in. I’ve got the book in front of me so I’ll give a brief summary of what each test was. Firstly was the BBF or Brain Body Balance Formula. This tested the overall energy of the body. It doesn’t say it in the book but Allergy Lady told me this was to check the 12 meridians. This seemed to be in order.

Secondly was the egg mix. This meant egg yolk, egg white, chicken, tetracycline (whatever that is) and touching feathers. This was ok.

Thirdly was Calcium mix. (Cal-citrate, Cal-gluconate, Cal-lactate, cows milk, goats milk, milk-casien, milk-albumin, lactic acid.) Don’t ask me what any of them mean, I get milk, that’s about it! This was ok.

Fourth was vitamin C mix. (Acerola, ascorbic acid, oxalic acid, citrus mix, berry mix, fruit mix, melon mix, cucumber mix, vegetable mix, vinegar mix, chlorophyll, quecertin, hesparin, rutin (but not tutin), bioflavoniod) This was ok.

Next was B complex. This one my arm wouldn’t stay up which meant that there was an allergy. It was so weird how it was treated but it spun me out cos it worked. AL had a buzzer thing that she put on parts of Beth, sorry can’t remember where. She got Beth to sit up straight and banged her all over her back with her fingers. Beth had to take deep breaths, pant like a train then breathe normally. This was done a couple of times. Then she did the test again and my arm stayed up there! Beth then had something that she had to hold for 20 minutes which AL put in her sock. The restrictions were big for this for 25 hours. Beth couldn’t eat or touch whole grain products, fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy products, anything with B vitamins. Avoid grasses, plants, trees, flowers, walking in the garden. She could eat cooked white rice, cooked white pasta, cauliflower, well cooked or deep fried fish, salt, white sugar, black coffee, french fries, purified water. Al suggested fish and chips for dinner and again for lunch the next day. She conceded that fruit might be ok so Beth had that for breakfast and as I was at school at lunchtime anyway the fish and chips weren’t a problem. It was pretty easy really.

I dropped Beth off at Bev and John’s last night when taking Bill to karate and they said she had chatted to them and explained things to them, I too have found her talking better. It’ll be interesting to see what school says. When she came home after her treatment she ran into see Paul shouting “We have to have fish and chips tonight, I have a B complex!”

Another interesting thing I found is that AL said that a vitamin B deficiency is often passed on from a parent. When looking it up in the book it explains that an allergy to B complex vitamins and malabsorption cause various brain disorders, hyperactivity, attention deficit disorders, autism, restlessness, sleep disorders, depression, addictions to drugs, alcohol, smoking, overeating, skin disorders, body ache and fatigue. Many of the later symptoms relate to me. Perhaps I have a vitamin B deficiency too? I’ll see how we go and if successful will go too.

AL also did iridology and found a few things which fit. She said there are little pockets on Beth’s bowel which collect food that goes off. I commented that she does really bad farts and apparently this is why. She also said that one of her ovaries doesn’t function properly and this comes from me as one of mine doesn’t either. She said that many of these kids are stalled in mental growth. This is true in Beth’s case, emotionally she is younger than Bridie (5) at times. Treatment can kick start that again. All in all it was interesting, if not confusing! We go back on Saturday morning, the next test is sugar which AL thinks will be a problem. This is a similar one to vitamin B and has the same issues.


A Sensational Morning

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We had Sensational Kids this morning. Usually we do Thursday afternoons but we were asked to come this morning instead as there is something on there on Thursday. It was good to go in the morning actually, we set off straight from school and Beth was fresh and in good form. The only downside to it was that we had Speech before Occupational Therapy, usually it’s the other way around and Beth gets nicely revved up for her Speech session. Still, it went well.

Rod took Beth into the staff room today which we hadn’t done before. She had nothing to play with but Rod wanted her to use the whiteboard to do some writing. He asked Beth to write 2 sentences about family. The first one she wrote ” I have a Mum and a Dad and a brother and a sister and a Grandma and a Grandpa.” Rod explained that it’s best not to write ‘and’ and to use commas. Her next sentence she used this rule without being asked. It was ” I have a dog, a cat, a bird and a rabbit.” I love it when she works like that, she is told a rule and she goes with it. It’s amazing how quickly she picks things up when she has a formula to go by.

After these 2 sentences Rod asked Beth to write what she likes about her family. She wrote “My family all love each other.” Rod then gave her 3 alternatives for her forth sentence. She had 1) I ate an egg yesterday. 2) My family hate everything. 3) My family like to do things together. She found it hard to choose which one was ok. Beth seems to vague out when not sure of something and argues or just says something to shut us up. In the end she got there. We established that even though she may have eaten an egg, the rest of the sentences were about family and this didn’t say anything about the family. The second one was harder as it still had the word family in there. The problem with the second sentence is that there is one about love that she had written, therefore her family couldn’t hate everything. When Rod went through it all with her a second time she answered back the reasons why she had the last sentence as her choice and seemed to understand this.

After speech we went in to see ‘Whiskers’ the Occupational Therapist. She would rather we didn’t use her real name and as Beth calls her Whiskers due to her hair falling over her face, that’s what I’ll call her. She’s just amazing with Beth and picks up on things that I have no idea about. When we’ve done Occupational Therapy before, as with Speech, I’ve told them that they’re the professionals, they know what to look for so I’ll be guided by them. Both O/T’s that we’ve had before have really gone on what I’ve told them and I haven’t always found them to be much benefit. Whiskers is different, she explains why Beth is doing things and she videoed todays session, letting Beth video some of it to explain some of what she’s doing.

Today they concentrated more on the Alert program, or the ‘How does your engine run’ program. They looked at pictures in books and decided how the peoples engines were running. Beth filmed me and asked me how my engine was running. I was reading a magazine at the time and having a coffee so I explained that even though I was calm and quiet that in fact my engine was running just right. After the session Beth went into the big gym and Whiskers came in to observe how Beth regulated herself. She commented on the fact that Beth likes to hold her head to the side. She said it has to do with the blood going to her ears. She explained that to ground ourselves we usually just need to walk on our feet and our bodies do it for us. For kids like Beth the swinging and in her case twirling the swing around and around and back again is what she sought out to speed her up and make her feel good. She then also put her head to the side to accentuate this feeling. It was so interesting to talk to her as I’ve never thought of these things before.

We came home after getting McDonalds for lunch and then went off to swimming lessons. Beth did so well today, she did her freestyle and breathing on every 3rd arm, Caprice seemed really pleased as was I. I don’t know whether it had anything to do with Sensational Kids going so well but she’s a happy girl tonight.


Class action

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Next stop – allergist

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Ok, I’m finally ready to start the next phase of our Beth healing. We finished with Richard Malter a couple of months ago but I hadn’t had a report from him until now. I wanted to take that with me to an allergist to show what we had already done. It’s quite mentally exhausting for me and for Beth as it’s usually not a one off thing that we go to. We have to be prepared to go for the duration. With Richard Malter it was 6 months and as it was hard to explain what we were doing, even to myself, it was even harder to explain it to Beth. I don’t want her to feel like there is something wrong with her or that she needs ‘fixing’ but at the same time I know she feels better in herself when we try different things.

The allergist we’re going to does what is called NAET allergy elimination. This stands for Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Treatment. It’s based on traditional Chinese medication. Several people have told me about this clinic and I just needed a bit of a kick up the bum to organise myself yet again. I was talking to a lady this morning who was explaining how it works and it really appeals to me. I’m not sure of exactly how the testing is done but they test for over 300 allergies and intolerances. They then decide which ones to desensitize the body to and treat you for that. For example it may be citrus that you have an issue with, whether your body isn’t absorbing it properly or it’s going straight through you. They treat you for this, then you eliminate it from your diet for 25 hours. After this your body is desensitized to it and you can have it again. They will only do 1 or 2 foods at a time depending on the age and tolerance of the person.

We tried a gluten free diet with Beth several years ago which really made no difference. My worry about the gluten free and casien free diets is that there is such a huge difference in diet and it may just be one particular thing that is the problem. For example, Richard Malter tested Beth with a weet bix and with a white bread roll. The weet bix was fine but the bread roll wasn’t. If she had just been tested for the roll we may have assumed that she was gluten intolerant but it may have been an additive in the bread. Kids with autism have so many problems with food as it is, from not eating anything solid, anything new or even anything that isn’t white or yellow. We don’t want to stuff around with what they DO eat. I’m very lucky in the sense that Beth is an excellent eater, but I have heard some horror stories out there. Often people wont try a new style of treatment because it’s just in the ‘too hard basket.’ At least with this elimination diet it’s just a bit at a time, and for only a short time. If it works I think it’s worthwhile getting the whole family checked. I’ll let you know more after we’ve been.

I’ll finish with another Beth funny. On our way out the other day the 3 kids were in the back of the car trying to get Beth’s seatbelt on. It just wouldn’t work so Paul got out and leaned into the back seat to sort it out. Beth looked at Bridie and said “See Bridie, we needed a trained professional!” I don’t know where she gets these things from but she’s certainly entertaining!


A haggy gym party

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After the week from hell with all the kids home we ended up having a lovely Sunday. The HAGS (Happy Autism Group Support) try to do an activity or party about twice a year. Last year we went to the Knox gym which everybody enjoyed so this year we thought we’d go there again. We had a really good turnout with 19 kids altogether. Of course we all had kids on the spectrum but several of us had their siblings along too. It’s a nice way for all the kids to get together, all the siblings are used to their brother or sister being autistic so couldn’t give a stuff about the other autistic kids acting….. well acting autistic!

Andrew is the chap who coordinates it all and he does a fabulous job. First they have a game of musical hoops and all the kids went in a circle however he wanted them to. For example they may have to crawl like a bear or hop like a frog. There are no winners with the end result being lots of kids in a hoop together. Beth was most excited as one of the girls from choir – Kayla – came along. She lives quite a way from us so it was a treat to have her there. Tilly was also there who is a similar age to Beth and is also a friend from choir. It was nice to have some older girls come along as usually there are lots of boys and often they are about 8 or 9.

After the game there was a circuit for the kids to do. There’s a great big pit with squares of foam which they all jump into, then a huge trampoline which was easily the most popular thing in the room. At times it was hard to get some of the kids off as I’m sure you all know, bouncing is a favourite pastime of most of our kids. There were tunnels to climb through and ropes to swing on and the whole floor was padded in case of falls. They then did a circuit of balancing beams and hurdles, climbing frames and more pit jumping. We as parents were half exhausted just watching them, kids expend so much energy don’t they? They all had red faces but never stopped.

Andrew coordinated a game which I haven’t seen before. There were 2 sides of the room and the middle, I think the shore, the ship and in the middle the shark. He had to shout where to go and the kids had to run to that side or middle of the room.  Then they all had freeplay where they went wild. It’s great to go somewhere that is tolerant of autistic kids. Of course we were the only ones there which made a big difference, but the staff were terrific. It must be difficult trying to coordinate 19 kids, let alone half of them being autistic ones. Of course the parents were in there helping where needed. Amanda commented how much better the kids had got even from the year before. Many of them followed instructions and waited their turns which they had found difficult last time.

Everybody brought a plate to share and thankfully there wasn’t anything to make the kids too feral. Lots of chips and bikkies but nothing like twisties or heaps of chocolate. I’m not terribly strict with my kids diets but lots of our kids seems to have allergies and intolerances that go hand in hand with their autism. Nobody needs that extra help to make them hyper and most people seem to understand that.

The next hags event will be at the Belgrave Adventure Park that we went to with Amanda’s family a few months ago. Beth hated it so not sure what I’ll do there as it is meant for our kids on the spectrum. My other kids loved it so it can’t all be about what Beth wants. Lots of other kids are interested in going too and the guys who run it are more than happy for our motley crew to come for a visit. Beth has her swimming lesson now so I’d better go. Speak soon xxx


Still sick

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Not much to report on the home front. Beth is still sick and now Bill’s home too and I’ve got the dreaded lurgy.

Beth had a school excursion planned today to the city so it’s such a shame that she can’t go as she’d been looking forward to it for ages. She seems pretty well in herself but is very short of breath and coughs with it. Asthma is an awful thing, you can’t always see how bad it is until you’re out or trying to get things done, then Beth’ll be wanting to lie down or flops on my shoulders if she’s standing up. If the excursion was local I might have chanced it but they’re catching the train into the city and back and it’s a long day. They had to be at the station at 8.15am and aren’t home til 4pm.

Bill gets asthma too but not quite as bad as Beth. Bridie had a bit of a cough too but she wasn’t bad at all so Prue kindly picked her up for me and took her to school. It’s hard to assess first thing in the morning as everybody feels worse then. Anyway, I feel like all I’ve done is be with my delightful kids constantly since last Friday. That’s not what I signed up for! Hopefully next time I write I’ll have something newsworthy.



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I’m so over my family at the moment that it’s not funny. Paul’s work is moving so he had to work all weekend. Both days he said he’d be home at a certain time and of course wasn’t. I know he can’t help it but I should have learnt by now, I mustn’t tell the kids what time Dad has said he will be home from work as it usually doesn’t happen and I cop it all day asking when he’ll be home.

I’ve resorted to the Super Nanny naughty chair and I must say that it’s working well so far. Bridie’s the only one who needs it and she needs it big time. I know I’ve said this before but she’s such a challenging child. From the moment she wakes up to the moment she goes to bed she’s abusing me and I’m sick and tired of it. I ended up bursting in to tears on Sunday morning which scared her a bit as she drew me a picture. Of course she got over the guilt pretty quickly as a few hours later when abusing me again she told me that she would make me cry.  I even threatened at one stage to give her to a family that could handle her more than me as I had had enough. She called me on it and packed her bags! Little so and so. Anyway, I put the chair in the most boring corner of the room and as soon as she starts shouting or swinging her arms or legs she goes straight onto it. She hates it but I have threatened to smack her the minute she gets off so she’s been staying. We’ll see how long the chair works, seems to be at the moment, if not at least for making her aware of how often she loses her temper.

A little bonus this weekend was the curriculum day yesterday (Monday). That was just the icing on the cake. The decoration was Beth getting sick with asthma, she’s home today because of it. And the cherry was Paul coming home last night feeling sick and mopey. Tell me again why I got married and had kids!

Poor old Bethie gets asthma pretty badly each winter. It only comes on when she’s got a cold and she’s been hospitalised a few times. She’s now on a preventer which helps a lot and the flaxseed oil that we’d been using with Richard Malter seemed to help too so we’re keeping that up during the winter. She gets very sleepy when sick and I realised she wasn’t well on Sunday night when she just took herself to bed (mine of course) and fell asleep at about 7pm. Yesterday she napped on and off and slept early again. We had to take the kids to school this morning and then to get a few groceries, poor love was leaning on me half the time. She’s now on my bed playing on her dsi.

I’ll leave you with a chuckle as Beth comes out with such pearlers at times. We’ve been doing the wrong thing and feeding a possum on our deck and night. It’s been visiting a lot lately as our rabbit Sammy is out there in the daytime and he leaves lots of mess when he’s finished eating. Princess, as Bridie has names her, comes along and we put food out for her, we then sit and watch her eat it and talk about how cute she is. Paul hates possums as one weed on his head one night when he came home with pizza. Just thought I’d add that bit in! Anyway, we were all watching Princess and Beth comes up with “It’s a scientific fact that possums can dance you know.” Now Beth does lots of research on the internet when it’s a subject she loves so I did believe her for a moment. Then she continued on “They also love to sing.” Now that I’m not so sure about! She’s so deadpan, I love it.


A quiet few days

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We’ve had a fairly non eventful week. I’m sure most of you know what it’s like when you’ve got kids, there’s excursions, swimming lessons and other after school activities, it just never ends and sucks all the money away! We’re so conscious to make our other kids lives as non autistic as they can be if you know what I mean. I don’t want their life to be run by autism as it’s not their fault that Beth is autistic. I also don’t want autism to be a big deal to them. I think we’ve managed this pretty well, on the whole all of our kids are nice human beings.

Nice can be a word that we belittle at times, nice is boring, not fun at all, but when you’re talking about kids I think there is no better compliment. I love to be told that my kids are nice. I’ve met lots of kids who are ‘normal’, whatever that is, and are horrible kids. There’s no excuse, that’s just the way they are. My kids are a handful, I’ll give you that, but at the core they are kind to their friends, respectful of others and happy to please. Bridie and Bill are wonderful with Beth as their sister, often helping her to do things or telling her the right way to say things. Beth too is lovely to them. Bill came home from cubs on Tuesday night and Beth ran out of her room to ask him if he had a good time. I found this so sweet, as was Bill’s response to let her know that yes indeed he had had a lovely time, thanks for asking.

I’m a true believer of this thing called autism being here to show others what compassion is, what tolerance is, what differences mean. And there’s a lot to be said about how our kids behave. Beth enjoys life with such abandon that I often look at her with awe and a tinge of jealousy, I wish I too could be that carefree. I feel uncomfortable looking at the way other kids look at her, I get teary and at times this awful hatred creeps into me and I in turn hate that feeling. Beth however is usually oblivious to the looks and I wonder if I pointed it out to her if she would really care. I think it’s the parents that take it on, we take their hurt for them. Mind you, I’m probably a bit paranoid. Kids stare and point at other kids who don’t have anything wrong with them. That’s just the nature of the beast. I feel lucky that my other kids have been exposed to Beth as this has taught them to be understanding, something that is such an important lesson in this day and age of inclusion of special needs kids in mainstream schools, and autism of an almost epidemic proportion.

There’s not much been going on this week so I just thought I’d share that with you, how very blessed I am to have such nice nice children. And how very blessed we are to have Beth here to teach us tolerance and compassion, and for giving us so many laughs along the way. It’s not all bad you know. These kids are here for a reason, and we’re here to guide them the way to go, to inspire them to be all that they can be. That’s our job as parents of all children, some just need a little bit of help. xxx


I’m such a proud mummy

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Beth has been such a good girl these last few days considering what an upheaval her life has been. It’s a big thing to get your period even if there are no other issues to deal with so for Beth to have taken it in and dealt with it brilliantly. She’s now happy to talk about it to a degree. She’s even asking me questions. One I had to have a giggle at, “Mum, do ducks get their periods?” I must admit I didn’t know the answer to that one!

I got an email from Beth’s aide who told me that she was very proud of the way Beth handled herself on Friday. She said she was very quiet and seemed a little bit sad though she had a good day. It was lovely of her to let me know. They are taking her to the staff toilet for privacy. Once again I cannot fault the school with how they’ve dealt with Beth, they’ve been absolutely wonderful with both her and myself, I thank my lucky stars that we’re there. I’m also so pleased that Beth has got her period in primary school as she’ll be in a routine by the time she starts high school.

We had a fairly quiet weekend. Saturday we went to Bev and John’s for lunch. Sunday we had a quiet day at home. Paul took Bridie and Bill swimming and Beth and I stayed at home.

I’ve been to Knox shopping for a good part of today. Beth is growing out of her clothes so quickly so I went to good old Best and Less for knickers and bras as well as some pyjamas. Of course I had to get the same for Bridie. Poor old Bill just got a pair of pyjama pants, he really doesn’t need much. Beth needs lots of new clothes but I’ve decided to take her shopping and let her pick her own out. I like hippy style clothes and furry jackets which she looks gorgeous in, but other kids her age don’t wear things like that much. On the few times I have taken her shopping she’s been quite particular about the clothes she likes so I’ll let her choose some herself.

Bethie should have a swimming lesson tonight but still can’t go so not much else to report here. I must get on to the allergist but I haven’t got the report yet from Richard Malter so will have to chase that up. Then we’ll be on to the next step in our journey.

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